Whole Body Vibration Benefits

Whole body vibration has been shown to have many health and beauty benefits through global studies from various sources. This method has been shown to provide much quicker results than traditional exercise while being easier on the body and less time consuming as well. Whole body vibration techniques are being used by professional sports organizations as well as medical facilities as a legitimate remedy to certain health issues and a way to improve overall body health. Health spas and therapeutic centers in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia have all adopted methods of whole body vibration to help with rehabilitation and recovery. The benefits from this exercise can be astounding.

Losing Weight

Whole body vibration can help with weight loss as it can boost metabolism up to 18% with merely three 10 minute sessions per week. The results after 6 weeks of treatment can show a leaner body mass, a more toned figure and a significant drop in pounds. Vibration will also increase your lean muscle which means that your body is working harder to burn fat even when at rest. If you combine whole body vibration with regular cardio, you’ll experience a lean and trim body in no time.

Relax the Body

Everyone feels stressed and strained at times, but using whole body vibration is a medication-free way to relax the body and offer tremendous stress relief. Using this method can help with physical performance, reduce strains on the body during physical activities and can just make the body feel better overall. Whole body vibration actually gives the same exhilarating feeling you get after a strenuous workout. Mental stimulation and the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time can also be a great benefit.

Beauty Benefits WBV benefits

Utilizing whole body vibration machine or vibration plate can reduce the amount of cellulite in the body significantly. Three sessions per week for 24 weeks has shown to reduce nearly 26% of cellulite on average. Combining with a consistent cardio workout will ensure that you get maximum results.

Benefits for Athletes and those with Injuries

Whole body vibration works wonders with helping athletes increase their strength and flexibility which leads to less chance of injury. It can also act as a beneficial treatment in rehabilitation for certain types of injuries. It’s been used by physical therapists as well as chiropractors as a method of working the muscles, bones and joints without causing strain to the body.