What Is A Cardio Workout?

We regularly hear about the why we should be exercising on a regular basis but people are not always clear regarding what is a cardio workout. Any type of exercise that raises your heart rate is classified as a cardiovascular, or cardio, workout. The heart is a muscle, and in order to keep it healthy it has to be exercised. When you have a strong cardiovascular system then the capillaries in your body can deliver oxygen around your body more efficiently. This means that you will be burning more calories both while you are exercising and when you are resting. This also reduces your risk of suffering from heart disease in the future.

If you are want to increase the amount of cardio exercise that you do, then there are a number of different workouts that you can take part in. This can be as something as simple as just going for a walk and so is something that you can fit into your daily routine very easily. Other forms of cardio exercise include running, swimming, cycling and aerobics. When you are exercising you should find it difficult to be able to hold a conversation, but if you feel you are getting breathless then this may be an indication that you are working too hard.

There are several benefits to undertaking cardio workouts on a regular basis. It is recommended that adults take part in at least twenty minutes of cardio activity three times a week. If you are trying to lose weight then cardio exercise is a very good method of burning calories and therefore can help you to speed up your weight loss. Cardio exercise also helps to reduce your stress levels as endorphins are released during exercise, and in turn this can help you to sleep better at night. Regular cardio exercises strengthens both your heart and lungs and makes them work more efficiently.