Vibration Machine Reviews: Vmax Fitness TRIO Whole Body Vibration Machine

We can’t blame people who make excuses not to exercise and stay fit. First, membership in the gym is quite expensive, there are also times that they can’t go out due to heavy traffic, the weather or just because they can’t find a good time to squeeze in a quick workout. But there are the Vmax Fitness Machines to help in your fitness, and today, we will be focusing on one of their best products the Vmax Fitness TRIO Whole Body Vibration Machine.

It is strengthened by a steel frame

This Vmax vibration machine already has a steel frame, but it is further reinforced with an extra steel frame that you can see just underneath the case cover. This works with the additional micro controller. Why is this among Vmax Fitness TRIO Whole Body Vibration Machine’s best feature? Because it will sum up how sturdy the machine is, whatever speed you would like to try, it will not throw you out of your game, it stays where it is.

Cool control panel

The vibration that lets the machine swing back and forth or what we call as the oscillation is controlled by simply pressing the large buttons located on its left side up and down. The oscillation motor is 500 watts. On the right, you will see an equally big up and down buttons for the spiral vibration. The Spiral motor is 300 watts. If you want to change your speed, there is no need to do much effort, on the handle bars, you will see the speed control buttons. There are 60 speeds you can choose from, ranging from 3,7000 speed and vibration combinations.

It has a software and a USB stick for your pre-programmed exercise routines

This is also a great feature because it lets your exercise be more personalized. You can make preprogramed exercises for a maximum of 6 to complete a routine. You can mix everything up and you will surely enjoy it.


  • It can carry up to 440 pounds
  • It has a dual and single mode operations you can choose from
  • It does not need a lot of time to get fit because, in 10 mins, this Vmax vibration machine works well to exercise your body
  • It does not get warm easily, for 10 minutes, the machine does actually get hot
  • It has capability to do heavy exercises


  • The speed control panels cause fingerprints that you have to wipe, so I suggest you put a towel near you while you use Vmax Fitness TRIO
  • It is not best for minor exercises

The Vmax Fitness TRIO Whole Body Vibration Machine gives you not just a whole body vibration that contract muscles but also helps you recover quickly. It will make your muscles leaner and stronger. And while you are losing weight, you will not feel severe muscle sores as it reduces stiff joints and back pains. If you want a body that is fit all over, then you have to give this Vmax Fitness whole body vibration machine a try.