Vibration Machine Reviews: Vibrofit

With tight and busy schedules every day, saving enough time to go work out in the gym or jog around the neighborhood can be quite hard. This leaves us with the risk of accumulating weight and deteriorated physical fitness. Imagine however, working out without literally going to the gym or running? With the new Vibrofit Vibration Machine this is now a possibility. Using the whole body vibration technology, the gem of a machine guarantees to help you shed weight and keep fit.

The whole body vibration technology works by engaging your muscles by providing quick and sporadic vibrations to the muscles. The Vibration device has a platform unto which you step on or sit on and then you switch it on. The principle behind its working is that the vibrations will stimulate the stretch and movement receptors in the brain making the brain think that you are actually running. This helps to shed weight and strengthens muscles. Here are the specifications and operational principles of the Vibrofit Machine.

Motor power

The Machine has a powerful motor which provides three-directional movement. It provides enough power to give the required vibrations to the vibrating platform. The oscillation will cause your body to jiggle because of the imbalance created between your two legs. The motor produces a frequency and a total of 99 levels that you can adjust depending with the intensity of workout you desire.

Wide Stepping Platform and elastic bands

It has a very wide stepping area which is made of studded rubber to increase your grip while the machine vibrates. The wide platform is important so that you can spread out your legs evenly. It further has two suspending elastic bands on either side of the stepping platform to help you with balance as the machine adjusts in levels. The strings, though elastic, are strong enough and will not rip jeopardizing with your safety. These bands are retractable and you can disconnect them at will especially if you want to use the Vibrofit as a sitting platform.

Integrated Bluetooth Speakers

Vibrofit has a Bluetooth stereo speaker system installed in its body. This means that you can literally listen to your favorite music playlists on your phone while you work out on. This is the equivalent of running down the neighborhood while listen to music on your iPod or phone. Creative isn’t it? The Vibrofit also has a remote controller that you will need to control the frequency of the Vibrofit and the levels of inclination. Someone else can also control the device for you while you just stand there and get fit by the minute literally.

Health benefits of using the Vibrofit

The Vibrofit has been tested and been found to have immense health benefits to people. Besides helping in weight loss, the Vibrofit improves your Body balance, tones your muscles and strengthens your back. Spending some few minutes daily on the Vibrofit, will give you muscle strength and will help you remain fit just like a gym would do.


  • It is very secure and has been proven to prevent muscle injuries
  • The wide stepping platform and clutch strings provide high stability
  • It saves a lot of time that would have been spent going to the gym
  • You can work out from anywhere that you wish


  • It may not be the cheapest vibration machine on the market


With the ever growing preference for home based workouts, Vibrofit is the best work out too to locally and quickly work with an assurance of positive results in the end. Many users of the Vibrofit Vibration Machine have provided positive feedback about how quickly and easily the shed weight or got toned. All you have to do is step on it and the magic happens.