Vibro Vibration Heating Fat Burning Slimming Shape Belt Massager

The Vibro Vibration Heating Fat Burning Slimming Shape Belt Massager sounds like a whole lot of workout in just one gadget. Yet this new massage belt made by Vibro actually does incorporate all those functions into the one belt designed to fit easily around the waist. With a unique combination of remotely controlled actions, it has the potential to provide a variety of benefits within the one application.

Features and Specifications

  • Helps build muscles and burn fat without exercising
  • Improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, promote metabolism and muscle soreness
  • Safety temperature control design
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Affordable

Vibrational Massage  

The Vibro Belt is essentially a massage belt, creating a vibrational effect on muscles and fat tissue. It easily and comfortably straps around the waist so that it can vibrate the abdominal muscles. The system uses a unique vibrational action that moves backwards and forwards to stimulate the muscles, unlike other massage belts that use electric shocks to activate muscles.


An added benefit is controlled heating to soothe and treat sore muscles while they are being massaged. The heat level is adjustable according to the needs and comfort of the user.

Individual Programs  

The speed and intensity of the vibration are set through a remote control that has multiple programs to suit individual preferences and workout objectives. This enables the user to adjust the massage for comfort and intensity. In addition, an automatic cut-off switch stops the vibration and heating after 10 minutes for maximum safety.

A Versatile Fitness Tool

The Massage Belt is designed to give the user a flatter and leaner midsection, by strengthening the abdominal muscles. It can also be used on shoulders, arms, and thighs, making it a useful and versatile fitness tool for home use.

In summary, the Vibro Vibration Heating Fat Burning Slimming Shape Belt Massager can be a great buy since it’s very affordable but has lots of powerful features to help you stay health. It helps build muscle and burn fat without exercising and it can also improve blood circulation. It’s also a great device to massage your waist, shoulders, back, arms, and thighs.