VibraWav Pro Series Position Poster

VibraWav exercise equipment represents a new breed of whole body training. With 10 minutes of therapy and exercise on a VibraWav machine, you can experience the same benefits of a 60 minute workout. The difference between a VibraWav workout and a traditional workout is the amount of stress the workout puts on the body. For this reason, the VibraWav is used not only for effective weight management, but also for beauty and health, and recovery from injuries. There are several different types of exercises that can be performed on the machine. The VibraWav Pro Series Position Poster is a complete guide to accomplishing these benefits. This vibrant color poster gives you 44 complete exercise routines along with written instructions that take you through the workouts one step at a time.

Develop Effective Weight Management

The Pro Series poster is beneficial for weight management. When used with the machine, exercises increase weight loss, decrease body fat, and improve the overall condition of your body. This results in more blood flow to the body, less toxins, and a higher metabolism. This poster also features exercises for using the fitness band and a ball which when used with the machine, improves weight management in a short amount of time.

Beauty and Health

Many people exercise not only for weight management, but for beauty and health. The VibraWav position poster shows you how to do exercises that will get rid of tension in your muscles, increase your collagen so your skin is firmer and healthier, and help you to focus your mind and your body. This is important for balancing the overall effects of an exercise routine.

Injury Recovery

Injuries happen for all kinds of reasons. They can be because of athletic activity, aging, and accidents. When recovering from an injury, it is important to heal the injury without putting stress on the injury or the rest of the body. This machine is low impact which means that your body will get the best results with minimal wear and tear to your muscles. The poster features positions for use with the machine and the other VibraWav accessories for maximum recovery.

In summary, with 44 exercises demonstrated in full color and with illustrations, this poster is a vital part of the VibraWav program. Increase your results and maximize the use of the machine and the program in order with these exercises to achieve the health and the body you have been waiting for.