Vibration Machine Reviews: VibraWav 13 mm Pro XT Physical Therapy Aid

The VibraWav ProXT is a physical therapy aid designed for low impact exercises and improves overall health and fitness while giving you the latest improvements in technology. With its revolutionary technology in whole body vibration, The ProXT machine can vibrate to tone, tighten and reduce your problem areas with ease. It’s great for people of all ages, lifestyles, and physical capabilities. It weighs only 128 pounds and is simple and easy to use.

Features and Specifications

  • It has 1000 watts of maximum power
  • Speed range: 5-50 Hz
  • Amplitude up to 13mm
  • Maximum user weight: 500 pounds
  • Features extra-large console with LED Display
  • Readout: Time, Speed and Calorie Count
  • Item dimensions: 29 in x 37 in x 57 in / 73 cm x 94 cm x 145 cm
  • Item weight: 148 pounds

Weight Control

This VibraWav focuses on all major muscle groups for full optimization. This machine can reduce fatty tissue and improve cellulite areas by vibrating the muscle layer, giving you an overall smoother skin appearance. It Increases bone density and strengthens your muscle tone, leaving your body firmer and toner.

It also increases blood flow, circulation and speeds up your metabolism, while giving you an overall body conditioning. The ProxT increases core training, lower body muscle training, upper body flexibility and movement while decreasing calories.

Pain Management & Prevention

This machine can relieve chronic pain, all while improving your range of motion and flexibility. The vibrations work together to help reduce long term physical ailments while giving you a low impact workout. It will aid in decreasing your body’s toxin levels, stress, and all types of muscle tensions fast. The vibrations allow for minimal muscle and joint strain and ease of exercising.

Overall Fitness and Well Being

It’s great to be used for everyday workouts and for the relief of pain from ailments. The ProXT can provide you with overall well-being in a fast and easy to use machine. Working out with this machine increases energy levels, lowering stress and other catalysts for body and mind development. It’s great for prevention of new physicality’s and for other weight management issues.

In conclusion, the VibraWav 13 mm Pro XT Physical Therapy Aid is simple and easy to use. Just get on the bottom platform, focus on what body part you want exercised, and the machine does the rest. You can sit, stand or lay down the choice is yours. Vibrations are immediately sent to that muscle group for conditioning.