Vibration Machine Reviews: VibraTrim VT500

How does the Vibratrim VT500 vibration machine compare with other training machines on the market? Have you heard of the award winning VT400? Well this is the larger and more powerful version! The VT500 is a dual motion vibration machine meaning it has both oscillation and spiral action.

Three Vibration Types (Oscillating, Orbital and DualVibration)

The VT500 combines both spiral and oscillation motions to provide the best dual motion workout. Oscillating movement has been proven to aid fat loss, mimic the results of walking and through the stimulating massage movement work on hard to reach areas. Spiral motion can be described as an elliptical or orbital motion in a smooth horizontal direction. Using the programs you can combine the oscillating and orbital motions for dual vibration action. Oscillating and Orbital (spiral) actions can be used independently or combined for the third motion (dual vibration). Work areas much more effectively and improve the fight against those tricky cellulite areas. Suitable for basic level users’ right up to those more advanced and more familiar with this type of exercise regime.


The VT500 comes with 6 programs already set ready for you to follow. Refer to the manual for instructions and details. There is the addition of 3 programs which can be set by the user (great for a small household who may be sharing the machine). Bonus, the programs are not stored on a USB as they were on the VT400 so you can’t lose them! The programs allow for changes in speed and vibration types within pre-set times. Maximum time on programs is 10 minutes for user safety due to the minor risk of feeling ‘funny’ with prolonged use over 20 minutes in some individuals who trigger toxin loss from their lymphatic system.


Although the platform on the VT500 is the same size as the VT400 there is actually a larger useable surface area. The VT400 had two separate footpads whereas the VT500 has one large pad. A larger working area allows for greater flexibility in your exercises and how you use the machine.


  • whole body workout
  • ergonomic handle bars
  • 6 built in programs + manual options
  • platform suitable
  • supplied with training DVD
  • more useable space than the VT400 (as large single foot pad rather than two)
  • helps eliminate body fat
  • aids recovery from injury
  • 60 speeds per vibration type (that’s 420+ different speed combinations!)


  • platform is flat compared to the two-foot pad VT400 you may be used to
  • it may not be affordable for some people


The Vibratrim VT500 vibration machine is great for individuals of any age but especially those in recovery or unable to do any intensive workouts. Note: maximum use should be no longer than 20 minutes in any one session (although you can do multiple sessions in a day). Reason being that this form of exercise can trigger the release of toxins as your lymphatic system drains. Toxins released into your system can make you feel a ‘little funny’! If you become unwell during any form of exercise you should stop immediately and seek the advice of a trained medical professional.