Using Vibration Therapy to Treat Osteoporosis

The diagnosis of osteoporosis can be a tough thing to deal with, but there are ways to treat the condition so that it doesn’t keep you from doing the things you love. Using vibration therapy for osteoporosis can help alleviate some of the pain and other symptoms associated with osteoporosis. Using whole body vibration is a simple and painless process that most people can do with ease. If your doctor recommends vibration therapy as a treatment, you can actually purchase a whole body vibration device for you home.


Whole body vibration therapy involves standing on a vibration plate or vibration machine. The plate is a simple device that uses an adjustable frequency to pass vibration waves through the entire body. This allows the muscles to contract for over 30 to 50 seconds at a time. This works well for those with osteoporosis because it’s working muscles throughout the body that may cause pain with other methods of exercise. Using the machine for just 10 minutes a day can work the muscles and build strength, tone and flexibility. Results were found to be best when the machine is used three times a week.

A whole body vibration machine can be pricey but they offer comparable results for those who can’t exercise through more strenuous movements. These machines achieve results that are similar to that of weight lifting, which just isn’t an option for many who suffer from osteoporosis. The increased strength, flexibility and muscle tone can help the body function and move normally throughout daily activities. This leads to a decreased chance of fractures or falls. Vibration therapy can work for people of all ages and nearly any ability.

There are some concerns about vibration therapy being used for those who are prone to dizziness when standing. It’s important to seek the advice of your doctor before beginning a program of vibration therapy for osteoporosis.