Vibration Machine Reviews: Confidence VibeSlim Vibration Fitness Trainer Plate

Unlike in the old days where people could lift or pull any heavy objects for exercise, today the story is different. There has been an evolution of modern training machines that make working out a memorable experience not to miss. A perfect example is the Confidence VibeSlim Vibration Fitness Trainer Plate. It is a platform that enables trainees to have an amazing body work in approximately 10 minutes. The machine is capable of giving hundreds of muscle contraction complete cycles when the activity is done alongside other appropriate exercises. This machine is efficient as it uses remote controls and also comes with straps that allow the user to work the upper body. The machine has a 300W motor, frequency ranging from 230V, 50 Hz/60hz. It has an amazing rotation speed of 240-750 rpm. Its weight is 40.7 lbs and the maximum weight of the user is 264 lbs. Its features make it worth purchasing.

50 speeds

It is proved statistically that one hour spent running in the field is equal to ten minutes on this machine. Its speed enables continuous muscle contraction due to its instability creation. For most popular musicians this machine is a must own since its results are amazing. The results are always a well worked out body with reduced fats. Nevertheless, the machine leaves you with the recommended body posture.

Programs and electronic display

The machine consists of one manual program and 3 automated programs. It uses remotes hence saves the user the inconvenience of reaching for the buttons every time an adjustment is needed. The LCD display that is multi-functional helps the trainees track their work out intensity levels. It also helps in monitoring the machine in cases of unexpected performance.

Training straps

These straps enable the user to incorporate the whole body in the work out. They help in working the upper body without much strain. The strap, due to their flexibility makes the working out of the body muscles more enjoyable.


  • It has a 10 minute perfect workout
  • It is very convenient for a large body due to maximum body-surface contact and entire body shake
  • The installation is easy


  • The elastic bands could have better resistance


Generally the machine is so much reliable with stunning results after short term use. It demonstrates optimal body workout. The circulation and lymphatic system improve within days boosting the user’s health. What makes Confidence VibeSlim Vibration Fitness Trainer Plate a great work out tool is that, it gives most users their expected results without having to use much effort.