Vibration Machine Reviews: VibraSlim Europlate Vibration Exercise Fitness Machine – Whole Body Vibration

Research has proven that whole body vibration is beneficial to humans in some ways. The benefits of full body vibration include weight loss, muscle growth, improved body balance, and faster metabolism. It is for this reason that full body vibration machines are gaining popularity in most parts of the world. The VibraSlim Europlate Vibration Exercise Fitness Machine is rated as one of the best vibration machines in the world, and for good reasons. The device relies on an oscillating vibration mechanism to produce vibrational energy that is distributed throughout the body and causes muscle fibers to contract.

Built for stability and durability

The Vibraslim Europlate vibration machine is built for stability courtesy of its solid base and steel frame. A top the solid base is a rubber pad that acts as the vibration surface. Measuring 22 inches by 14 inches, the plate is compact enough to accommodate persons of varying body statures. Additionally, this pad is large enough for users to assume a sitting or standing posture on it. The machine can comfortably accommodate persons weighing 275 lbs – 120kg.

Powerful oscillating vibration

The VibraSlim vibration machine has powerful motor that is responsible for the oscillating waves. This engine is capable of producing vibration frequencies of between 1 and 30 Hz and features 17 speed settings. The triangular oscillating mechanism of the VibraSlim Europlate is more efficient compared to other forms of vibration mechanisms. This is because this machine produces a see-saw like motion, which helps in the even distributions of the vibrations from the feet upwards.

Easy to use

The VibraSlim Europlate vibration machine comes equipped with manual controls and three LCD displays. The easy to use manual controls are backed up by automatic vibration settings. In terms of mobility, this machine is fitted with adjustable wheels. The exercise bands attached to the base of the machine and the sturdy handrails make using this machine easy.


  • The triangular oscillating motion is recommended by doctors, professional trainers and athletes
  • Exercise bands guarantee safety when using this machine
  • It can be moved from one spot to another with ease thanks to the adjustable wheels
  • Is ideal for both average domestic training and professional athlete training
  • Is a durable machine with a longer lifespan than other vibration machines


  • It’s may not be a cheap vibration machine, but it’s worth the cost
  • It is quite heavy weighing 92 pounds


The VibraSlim Europlate machine combines excellent vibration technology with sturdy construction to bring you an exciting and fun experience. Also, the machine’s status as a top seller in various online stores is a testament to its high-performance quality. In conclusion, the Europlate is a beautifully designed machine that does not compromise on performance quality and neither does it compromise on efficiency. Furthermore, this machine can just be what you need in your quest to shed a few pounds and get a leaner physique.