Vibration Machine Reviews: Vibra Wav Pro XT BLACK Vibration Whole Body Vibrating Exercise Platform

When you are considering the best way to lose body fat, tone your muscles and to improve your overall general health at home, one way that you can do so is by using a whole body vibrating machine, such as Vibra Wav Pro XT BLACK Vibration Whole Body Vibrating Exercise Platform. This type of machine delivers controlled vibrations to the entire body stimulating muscle groups and increasing blood flow. Anyone of any age and with any fitness level can use this type of machine as it is completely safe.

Suitable for any weight or size

The Vibra Wav Pro XT BLACK vibration machine is made with a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs, or 226 kg. This therefore means that anyone can use this machine in order to reduce their body weight, regardless of how much they weight. The console that you stand upon is also extra large, so again it makes the machine suitable for the larger individual who is wishing to lose weight and get healthy.

User friendly

When working out, it is important that you know the progress that you are making. The Vibra Wav Pro XT BLACK Vibration Whole Body Vibrating Exercise Platform provides you with a readout every time you exercise. This gives you information regarding the time you spent on the machine, the speed at which you exercised and most importantly the amount of calories that you burned. This ultimately, will help you when you plan your next workout.


Considering the type of job that this machine performs, it is in comparison incredibly compact. The machine stands at 29 in x 37 in x 57 in, so will not take up too much space in your chosen room. Although tall, it is not too wide or ‘bulky’ and this is what is of importance, especially if you only have a relatively small space in which to store it. It also looks sleek and elegant, so will not stand out as an eyesore.

Additional Features

The LED display is fantastic for instantly seeing the progress that you are making and keeping track of the speed you are doing.

With prolonged use this whole body vibration exercise machine has proved to reduce metabolism and to therefore hep with safe weight loss.

This machine also comes with an anti-jamming and an anti-static promise. Therefore you are completely safe when using this machine.


  • By using this machine regularly, you can help to dramatically lose weight and gain muscle mass.
  • This is a low impact and natural way to exercise, so suitable for everyone, no matter what your fitness level is.
  • This machine will not take up too much room in your home
  • If you suffer with chronic back or joint pain, this machine can help to alleviate those symptoms.
  • It is incredibly easy to use


  • Any piece of decent gym equipment costs and this does come with a hefty price tag attached to it.


Although costly, the Vibra Wav Pro XT BLACK Vibration Whole Body Vibrating Exercise Platform is well worth the money. It is incredibly easy to use; is safe and suitable for any fitness level; can help you reduce body fat as well as keeping fit, and will easily fit into any space within your home.