Vibration Machine Reviews: VibePlate Exercise Vibration Plate (24in x 40in Black)

Do you want to enhance your speed, explosive power and acceleration? Are you desiring to improve your balance, agility, flexibility and coordination? Turn your wishes into reality using Vibeplate Exercise Vibration Plate. This whole-body-vibration training equipment is not only comfortable but also ensures that all mechanical vibrations are effectively transmitted to every part of your body, to give you an excellent vibration-workout.

This whole-body-vibration machine has been widely used for exercise, training and recovery purposes by therapists, athletes, celebrities, doctors, high school trainers, the United States Military, universities and different sports clubs because of the many advantages associated with it. This VibePlate Exercise vibration plate review article will give you a wholesome introduction to the amazing features of this whole-body-vibration machine, its benefits and limitations.

Vertical Vibration

The vibration motion of this machine is vertical. Vertical vibration is highly preferred by many medics, fitness instructors and athletes because it is a natural movement. During walking or running, your arms, feet and the whole body moves up and down, not side to side.

Different Speed Variations

The Vibeplate whole body Vibration machine comes with variable speeds ranging from 10 to 60 hertz. Different exercises require different speeds. This feature enables medical professionals, trainers and sportsmen to vary their exercising or training speeds depending on their personal preferences and the nature of exercising they are undertaking.

Single Motor

The Vibeplate comes with a single motor to simplify synchronization and and enhance proper balancing. In addition, only 40 percent of the body muscle fibers are exercised in a conventional training session. On the other hand, the Vibeplate exercise vibration plate exercises 100 percent of your body muscles.


  • Maximum weight capacity: 1500 pounds
  • Increases Muscle Strength
  • Promotes better blood circulation
  • Increases bone density
  • Ensures better wellness
  • Decreases production of cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Increases production of growth hormone
  • It’s one of the most durable exercise equipments in the market
  • Increases metabolism enabling your body to better consume nutrients and eliminate waste


  • Pregnant women with medical conditions like bone tumors and blood clots cannot use the vibeplate
  • The price may not be affordable for some people, but it’s worth it


Do you want to set your training facility apart from its competitors? One of the best steps to take is to outfit it with Vibeplate exercise vibration plate. This whole body vibration machine not only boasts an impeccable design but also comes with a large platform for workout comfort, giving you a smooth and consistent operation. You are not only getting a new strength and conditioning tool but also a dispensable tool for staying healthy.