Vibration Machine Reviews: Sunpentown AB-760 Vibratone Whole Body Vibration Machine

Sunpentown AB-760 Takes Your Work-outs to An Amazingly New Level

To find a perfect program or exercise machine can be a little challenging for anyone trying to lose weight. An ideal exercise machine should have minimal impacts on your bones and joints while at the same time being extremely beneficial for your weight-loss efforts. This is exactly what the Sunpentown AB-760 Vibratone Whole-body Vibration Machine has to offer. The AB-760 will give your body a full hour’s work out in only 10 to 20 minutes by just making slight adjustments to your posture.

Here are some of the best beneficial features of the Vibratone Whole Body Vibration Machine:

Spiral Wave Motion

The Vibratone AB-760 Whole Body Vibration Machine features the newest type of motion (the spiral wave motion) in the industry. The spiral wave motion on the equipment’s platform trigger the muscles to automatically contract in a reflex stimulating blood circulation while at the same time stretching both the ligaments and the tendons. The end result is a healthier, fit and beautifully toned body.

Large Platform Size

The AB-760 body vibration machine is equipped with a reasonably large-sized platform. The large platform will enable you to perform a few more exercise positions as opposed to the smaller sized platforms that come with most whole body vibration machines. The platform form is backed by a powerful motor to make sure that performance of the Vibratone equipment is not compromised


The Vibratone machine is constructed from high quality steel that make it compact and very stable. The quality materials used in its construction ensures durability for a longer service. The compact design also features an ergonomically designed handle to offer support to the user.

12 speeds

This amazing exercise machine features 12 different speeds. This allows the user to choose that best suits a specific exercise posture. Other important features that come with the AB-760 Vibratone whole body vibration machine include 3 auto programs and a user friendly interface.


  • Improves muscle flexibility and strength
  • Promotes blood circulation in the body
  • Minimizes back pain and stiffness
  • Increases bone density


  • The spiral motion produces vibration that is horizontal in characteristics


Sunpentown AB-760 Whole Body Vibration machine is an ideal exercise machine for anyone whole wants to lose weight in an effective, efficient and easy way. You’ll enjoy working on the equipment. It does not get any easier than just spending only 10 minutes a day on the machine. And just because it is simple does not mean that the vibratone machine does not work. You’ll finally find fitness to be fast and more fun.