Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager Review

If you want to experience some of the amazing benefits of using a vibration machine then try the Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager. Just a few minutes each day on this vibration machine will have many wonderful effects on your body such as weight reduction, stress relief, firmer skin and more youthful appearance.

Vibration machines also help to improve your endurance, increase circulation and tone and strengthen your body. The reason why it’s so effective is that the vibrating plate causes a response in your muscles. Muscles contract and stretch in response to the vibrations so you get a full body workout without even realizing it. In fact vibration machines often feel very soothing and relaxing.

The Crazy Fit Massager has 20 speed levels to choose from. It uses an extra-large console with 3 LED displays and readouts of time, speed and body fat. It comes with built-in workout programs and a body fat scan. The Crazy Fit Massager has a maximum user weight of 250 pounds.

Five Star Fitness

You’ll fall in love with this vibration machine as it melts away the aches and pains. It will help to massage your legs and lower back as it improves your endurance and firms up your body.

Increases Circulation

The Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Massager will help to improve circulation and ease tired or sore backs and legs. There’s plenty of exercises you can do on this machine from basic to advanced exercises so it’s a great way to spice up your workouts too.


  • Speed range: 20 levels
  • User weight: 250 lbs
  • Extra-large console with 3-LED display
  • Readout: time, speed, body fat
  • 3 built-in workout programs and body fat scan

What Others Are Saying

They Crazy Fit Massager from Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the top vibration machines on Amazon and from dozen of reviews it has a feedback rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. At least one customer has wished that the plate you stand on was bigger so if you’re a larger person you may want to look for something with a little more room. The speed settings, while handy, don’t give you the actual vibrational speed of the machine so you won’t actually know how fast it’s vibrating. Aside from this many customer have noted remarkable improvements to their health.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a vibration machine that works well and gives you a soothing workout then try the Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager. It’s not as large or as fast as the bigger, more expensive models but generally seems to do the job just fine.