Soozier Mini Full Body Vibration Exercise Platform Machine Review

Vibration machines have a range of benefits including increasing bone density, improving circulation, toning up and strengthening muscles, helping tired legs and backs to relax and much more. One of the most popular home vibration machines is the Soozier Mini Full Body Vibration Exercise Platform Machine.

The Soozier Mini Vibration Machine is one of the cheaper vibration machines you can buy. It doesn’t come with a stand, just a platform, but also includes an exercise strap on each side of the machine for added strength workouts and stability. It features a slip free platform and a sturdy steel base with a streamlined design.

This mini machine features 20 vibration speeds to choose from. You can have the machine following a set program or customize it depending on your needs. It comes with a remote control so you can easily adjust the speed and time of the workout.

Impressive Performance

This Soozier Mini Vibration Machine acts just like much bigger versions but without the hefty price tag. Many users will quickly see results in terms of weight loss and increased muscle tone. Some of the other benefits of using a vibration machine such as this one include improving upset stomachs, soothing joint pain and improving flexibility and blood circulation.

Good Way to Get a Workout

If you struggle getting a good workout the old fashioned way or just want to try something new then this is the device for you. Some people have certain conditions that make it difficult to jog or do intense exercises. This vibration machine is a soothing way to get a great workout no matter what your fitness level.


  • Our high-performance, high-yielding vibration plate helps you achieve a healthier, stronger body by creating the best results in a short period of time
  • Vibration machines are great for improving sports performance, enhancing current fitness and wellness levels and even help to accelerate recovery time from injuries
  • A 10 minute workout on the machine can help achieve a complete effective workout of your body as the machine stimulates the whole muscular system rather than one muscle at a time
  • Sturdy construction: Made with durable ABS plastic, a steel base and a rubber coating on the plate offers a maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs!
  • 20 levels of speed along with a handy remote control for effortless controls

Bottom Line

The Soozier Mini Full Body Vibration Machine is a cheap yet effective alternative to the big vibration platforms. It works very well and is great value for money. Most customers love this device and even use it instead of the more expense machines.