Vibration Machine Reviews: SDS Fitness Whole Full Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 42 Hz High Speed

Good news for the exercise freak people! The latest model of Vibration Plate Exercise Machine has been introduced which can go up to the high speed of 42 Hertz! [42 Hertz = 42 vibration’s per second]. The SDS Fitness Whole Full Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine is an excellent masterpiece, which is very easy to carry with you while traveling and also occupies very less storage space. This unique product has two vibration options – ‘Strong’ and ‘Soft’ – giving comfort level to the user as per his choice.

Weight Carrying Capacity

This vibration plate exercise machine’s weight is 30lbs without any packing, and the maximum load carrying capacity of this machine is 330lbs. It means that this machine is very useful for the above-average obese personalities as well! Though this machine has such a high weight carrying capacity, this falls in the category of a value for money product. Two armbands are provided with this machine. These bands are highly useful for the lower level and upper-level body workouts.

Linear Type Vibration (Remote Control Included)

Liner Vibration means when all the sections of the entire vibratory structure (all the parts giving vibrating movement to the machine) act in continuous or direct motion then it is termed as linear vibration. The advantage of this linear motion is, the entire body is braced thus getting a soothing experience with complete relaxation.

The Linear Vibration Type Amplitude for both the modes, which are available in this Plate Exercise Machine are as follows –
1. Soft Mode – 0 – 2mm
2. Strong Mode – 3 – 5mm
Frequency is 5Hz – 42Hz

Plug-in To Activate

This is one of the key features of this vibration machine. Just remove it from the box – plug in – and commence your daily workouts!! All your requirements are included in this machine. You can commence with the ‘Soft Mode’ and gradually elevate to ‘Strong Mode’ depending on your body type. Following are the technical details of the machine –
Model 2015 – Operation within US & Canada (110Volts) – 60 Hertz – 500Watt
Over all size – 22 (plugs into any standard outlet)


The SDS Fitness Whole Full Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine can be the best option to burn the extra fat and also helps in skin tightening. The modes, which are available with this machine help in the better mobility of the tissues and enhances the muscle strength. The regular usage of this ultimate exercise machine improves the blood-circulation and thus increases the body immunity system. The linear vibration helps in increasing the muscle heating and blood circulation, which helps in increasing the body flexibility. Looking at all the benefits given by this machine, it can be surely termed as the value for money product!