Vibration Machine Reviews: SDS Fitness Portable Ultra-Thin Vibration Plate Machine with Arm Straps

The recently released SDS Fitness Portable Ultra-Thin Vibration Plate Machine with Arm Straps is a revolutionary product in its own class. Coming with arm straps and being remote controlled, it endeavors to provide an amazing experience for the fitness lovers. Its specifications make it more user-friendly than previous fitness plate versions, giving users the opportunity to burn calories at a first rate while at the same time gaining speedy muscle mass. Well, this is a product that fits modern-day lifestyle; fun-enhanced workouts and less time to burn fat.

Arm straps 

Not only effective for upper body exercising but also enhances all body reaction to the exercise. This is essentially important in activating muscles growth. With a frequency shake of up to 13 Hz, arm muscles are actively stimulated leading to fast fat loss and concurrent muscle acquisition as a result of this agitation. In addition, the straps hold the plate in place restricting the oscillations from its vibration and thus effective workout.

Anti-Slip Surface

This feature is exceptionally installed to facilitated stability during workouts. This surface is strong enough with a wider width of 24.5 inches offering a console area that facilitates positioning of body areas during workouts. A variety of exercise positions is therefore capacitated for shoulders, legs, buttocks among other lower and upper body parts. The surface also provides comfort similar to that on a mat and thus, important for muscle toning, body slimming and body strengthening.

Remote controlled

A handy remote control that allows the trainee to select a mode of vibration and suitable time depending on the user preferences. The mode allows one to set the vibration frequency at a frequency deemed fit for them. This is an exceptional feature that is friendly for both starters and continuing trainees. With remote control, you can set a convenient run time for each exercising position or sets of different run times.


  • Facilitates efficient workout on a variety of body areas
  • Vibration friendly to joints
  • Workouts are effective over a short period in comparison to cardiovascular exercises
  • Allows users with weighs up to 265 pounds
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Not suitable for those with injuries or heart diseases and under medical treatment devices like pacemakers.
  • Can only be used with power


While it is considerably a home convenient fitness tool, most gyms are finding the equipment a low impact and effective workout tool for fast fat loss. The SDS Fitness Portable Ultra-Thin Vibration Plate Machine with Arm Straps is the best revolutionary product which comes in pink and white colors. Other than those whole body and standing vibration machines, vibration plate is gaining more popularity; its safety guarantee and user friendliness accounting for this popularity. However, like any other vibration machine, it is advisable to seek a Doctor’s advice before adding it to your fitness plan.