Vibration Machine Reviews: Rock Solid RS7000 Professional Whole Body Vibration Machine

If you’re looking for a fitness machine to reshape your body, increase blood circulation and decrease blood pressure, the Rock Solid RS7000 Professional Whole Body Vibration Machine may be a great option for you. It works by using gentle vibrations increase metabolism and increasing blood flow to muscles during workouts. The manufacturers also claim that it can increase bone density, improve your immune system and reduce joint pain.

This Professional Whole Body Vibration Machine is appropriate for many different fitness levels, because it has 50 different speed settings and 4 programs. Consider the Whole Body Vibration Machine’s features, pros and cons and cost when deciding if this is an appropriate piece of equipment for you.

Varied Speed Range

Everyone starts a workout regime at different levels of fitness. Some people may have been active for years, but want to try a new method. Others may be working out for the first time. The RS7000 hosts 50 different speed settings, so you can find a workout that fits your needs – no matter your previous workout experience. You can start out as slowly as you need and work your way up to a more vigorous exercise speed.

Different Programs to Choose From

In addition to the speed settings, the Rock Solid vibration machine has four program settings to choose from. This will allow the user to target different parts of the body and provide variety in a workout routine. This will prevent you from getting stuck in a rut athletically, but will also allow you to experience all the benefits the Professional Whole Body Vibration Machine has to offer.

High Max User Weight

The Rock Solid RS7000 has a high max user weight of 500 pounds, which means most individuals will have no problem using the machine. This Professional WBV Machine is made for people of all shapes and sizes, and its unique benefits will help everyone become healthier and fit. The machine can be used for up to 60 minutes a day, although you should consult with your doctor on what his or her recommended regimen for you might be.

Method Has Been Researched

While there are varying opinions on whether vibration exercise is effective for burning excess fat, it has been shown to increase general wellness. In addition to weight management and fat burning, this Professional Whole Body Vibration Machine can help increase resting metabolic rate, restore neuromuscular balance, increase muscle mass and bone density and complement the natural healing process in your body.


  • User-friendly
  • Appropriate for a variety of fitness levels
  • Streamlined design
  • Professional grade


  • Few unbiased reviews available online
  • The price tag may not be affordable for some people, but it’s worth it


If you’re interested in pursuing whole body vibration exercise, this is likely one of the better products available. While there are few reviews available, reviews on other Rock Solid products are largely positive. The RS7000 has many different program and speed options, so it is a versatile fitness option.

However, the effectiveness of vibration exercise is widely debated in fitness circles. Many purport that it does little to help in fat burning or weight loss. The Mayo Clinic admits that results vary in weight loss, but that vibration exercise has other benefits including decreased back pain, increased bone density and improved balance in older adults. If you’re struggling with one of these symptoms this WBV machine may be a great option for you.

What is mostly agreed upon is that vibration exercise on its own, will not make a big difference in weight loss. However, paired with a healthy diet and other types of exercise it can help you see results faster. If you are interested in using vibration exercise as a supplement to other fitness activities or for its health benefits other than weight loss, the Rock Solid RS7000 Professional Whole Body Vibration Machine is a great option for you.