Vibration Machine Reviews: Rock Solid RS2000 Whole Body Vibration Machine

The company, Rock Solid, creates vibrating platform machines that are great tools in the pursuit of personal fitness and wellness. After using one our machines, such as the portable RS2000 Whole Body Vibration Machine, for as little as 10 minutes, three times a week you will likely experience body improvements. In as little as three weeks you may notice your muscles have toned and strengthened, cellulite has decreased, your skin has tightened, and your blood pressure lowered. Increased levels of energy and becoming more flexible are other positive outcomes when our products are used!

Features and Specifications

  • Comes in ultra-streamline design
  • Comes with 3 Different Program Levels
  • It has motor power of 500W
  • It has a variety of speed settings
  • A perfect machine for improving blood circulation, weight loss, and bone density
  • Maximum user weight: 330 pounds
  • It is a portable vibration machine

How does a vibration platform work?

Regularly using a vibrating platform, such as the Rock Solid RS2000, will change your body. While standing, moving or exercising on the low-speed, low amplitude platform, vibrations are sent into and throughout your entire body. This process efficiently and safely stimulates your body at a cellular level. Your muscles will contract and relax at the same frequency as the vibration effectively increasing muscle mass, bone density, and burning fat! Whether you are using our machine to get moving again or to complement your ongoing exercise regime this is a safe and effective way to gain muscle strength.

Who uses vibrating platform machines like the Rock Solid RS2000?

The Rock Solid RS2000 is used by many healthy people in conjunction with their exercise regime in order to improve their overall fitness. However, it is also a great therapy tool for those people who have difficulty moving as it builds up their muscles without huge movements. It is also a safe alternative for older people who cannot exercise strenuously. Post-menopausal women benefit immensely from whole body vibration as this technology prevents bone loss and helps with bone production in hip bones.

Features of the RS2000

The RS2000 is a portable model for the home. It is an ultra-slim, streamline design that will hold up to a user weight of 330lbs. It has thirty levels of speed range. This large range allows you to find a speed to suit your, regardless of experience and fitness. There is also three different program levels available. So whether you are only beginning your whole body fitness journey or are an avid exerciser this machine will accommodate your needs.

In summary, Rock Solid Whole Body Vibration machine is a great way to promote whole body wellness. This technique has been around since the 1980’s and is used by space agencies, athletes, and physiotherapists. The positive effects of vibration exercise have been well documented and research shows many benefits when it is added to a workout routine. Start using the RS2000 and soon you will be experiencing increased muscle strength, better bone density, higher levels of energy, and improved whole body wellness!