Vibration Machine Reviews: PowerVibe Zen Pro 6920 Touch Vibration Platform

The training method known as Whole Body Vibration, or WBV, is something relatively new to the American marketplace. Its roots stem from over forty years of Soviet physical training methods, but is also used by natural health practitioners to improve health and well being in a variety of ways. The PowerVibe Zen Pro 6920 Touch Vibration Platform is designed to provide a high quality training spot offering the best features necessary for exercising using the WBV methods.

A High Quality Motor with Varying Amplitudes

The PowerVibe Zen Pro 6920 includes a powerful motor that adjusts to high or low variations in amplitude. This important feature allows for a varied exercise or physical therapy routine when working on the various postures and exercises necessary for a well rounded session. A typical session can include multiple positions focusing on the upper and lower body, the abdominals, massage and flexibility. Some of the basic goals of WBV training with differing vibration intensities include improving core stability, flexibility, strength, endurance and overall muscle tone.

Commercial Grade Exercise Platform

Unlike other similar products, this vibration machine is designed with an extra large exercise area. This is great for any exercise routine because it allows for more than room to move through any of the hundreds of routines or specific exercises offered in the product’s library. The many who use this product as rehabilitation from sports injury or for improving their personal sports performance capabilities can count on having the generous movement area they need to function properly.

An LCD Display with Full Color and Touch Screen Capability

This feature makes it easy to see the exercise library included in the Zen Pro 6920. There are literally hundreds of varied exercises and routines, offered as if you have your own personal coach to guide you. There are specific programs for various sports included, such as swimming, golf, cycling, running skiing, gymnastics or tennis. It is possible to set up 12 custom exercise routines, and you can choose variations in programs to accommodate beginner through advanced users. It also comes with five programs that are pre-set automatically, or use the included manual, for those preferring quick start options.


  • Smooth running vibration with varied intensities available
  • Wide variety of exercise programming technology included
  • Superior stability provided on extra large, commercial grade platform area


  • Handles may not be the best ergonomic position for certain exercise positions or routines.
  • The readout is located on the lower tower, and this could be awkward for some users to see it.

While there are many other products to choose with WBV functions, this has much to like about it. The integrated exercise library combined with the commercial sized platform offer the user plenty of ways to work out based on their own personal needs. The PowerVibe Zen Pro 6920 Touch Vibration Platform is powerful, yet highly adjustable and adaptable to many different uses within the spectrum of WBV use. Everything most enthusiasts could need is included within the machine, making this a complete exercise package. No need for extra books, manuals, instruction or even coach unless you really want one.