Vibration Machine Reviews: Power Fit (Compact) Platform

The Power Fit (Compact) Platform provides you a simple way to burn more calories during your usual cardio workout. By gently engaging every muscle, you greatly increase the number of calories burned and the overall intensity of your workout. This helps to make your cardio workout efforts even more effective, bringing you greater results and in less time. And that high performance comes in a remarkably small package, making this cardio platform a great choice for smaller homes and apartments.

Multiple Power Levels

This vibration platform has one of the largest power level settings available on the market. While standing on the platform, you can choose among power level settings from 1 to 99 with the convenient wireless remote. This remote also turns the platform on and off. But, if 99 power settings aren’t enough for you, the oscillating vibrations are actually more powerful the farther from the center you stand.

Durable Construction

Although this is a compact vibration platform, this platform is built to last and outperforms many full size when it comes to stability and ruggedness. This compact vibrating cardio platform is able to support up to 264.8 pounds (120 kilograms) making it a great choice for those who are working on building their overall fitness level. It has four non-slip feet at each corner, providing a stable platform on all flooring types.


  • Incorporates the latest vibration plate technology
  • Burns more fat as compared to many traditional cardio exercises
  • Maximum user weight: 264.8 pounds
  • Engages every muscle in user’s body
  • It’s a compact vibration machine
  • Includes User Manual


  • This may not be for you if you are a huge fan of another brand


In case you’re looking for a compact vibrating cardio platform that still offers the high performance of a full size platform, then the Power Fit (Compact) Platform is the machine for you. It weighs just 29.6 pounds and can be safely stored in much smaller locations that other platforms. It also comes with two resistance bungees, with handles, that attach to the bottom of the platform to allow you to take your workout to an even greater level.