Vibration Machine Reviews: Pinty 2000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine with MP3 Player

The New Year is coming and people are resolving to lose weight in 2016. Exercise is a vital part of any weight-loss regimen. Why not use the Pinty 2000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine and melt away the fat effortlessly? With this machine, you can vibrate the fat away while listening to music! While other cardio machines are difficult to use, this Vibration machine is a calmer, gentler exercise for the entire body. The machine is easy to use, and unlike other exercises or sports, there is no chance of injury using this machine.

2000W silent drive motor

The 2000W silent motor comes ready to vibrate the fat away, with 180 speed levels, and sensors to monitor your BMI, or body mass index. This calculation determines how fat versus how lean you are, and is a good indication of fitness. The lower it is the better. You ideally want a leaner rather than a high body mass body. There are grab handles on the machine to automatically detect your BMI.

LED displays

There are 4 LED displays for mode, time, BMI, and speed. There are also an easy to use interface and easy to understand measurements. These displays can be observed as you use the machine to exercise, thus creating real results you can see right away.

Detachable resistance bands

The machine comes with 2 resistance bands for you to exercise in a myriad of ways. These resistance bands vibrate and massage your body to melt away the fat. The machine features adjustable time and speed, so you can work out as gently or as vigorously as you want. This makes the workout easy and fun.


  • Adjustable time and speed
  • LED Displays clearly show results
  • BMI measured through grab handles
  • MP3 player to listen to music as you workout


  • Doesn’t facilitate movement, only stimulation of the body
  • Some setup required


If you want better strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility, as well as losing fat fast, this is an excellent choice. The Pinty 2000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine is durable and will last a long time. You will see weight loss and fitness results using this machine. For people who are sedentary or not into going to the gym, they can opt to bring the joy of exercise home with this machine. Rather than going through intense cardio or weightlifting, this machine promises an easy way to lose fat, through the power of vibration. Just buy this exercise equipment unit, have it delivered to your house, and you will be working out and feeling better soon.