Vibration Machine Reviews: Pinty 1000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine

General body fitness has been a major concern to many regardless of the age and sex. Unfortunately, some of health issues are related to lack of exercises. Body workouts help in shedding out some weight and keep the doctor away. Good health comes with good diet and exercises.

Technology has made exercise easier from body exercise machines in place. The body can be exposed to vibrations that help burn out calories One of the most popular and opted machine is the Pinty 1000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine.

Excellent Control

The Pinty 1000W vibration machine is perfect for your daily body exercise. It can perform all the workouts that are needed. Remember exercising the whole body should be the ultimate goal. This has been achieved by the in-built 1000W silent drive motor. This power has the ability to keep the vibrator on. The speed level and sensors are there to have check on your speed and BMI. You can target your speed level 1-99 and still be able to adjust your time frame.

LED Display

Every part of the machine is important to keep your on check. The display of your progress is features with an LED displayer. You are able to check your BMI from grabbing the handles. The vibration runs down the whole of your body. In this regard, it is clear that the whole body gets exercised. The platform is broad enough to carry all kind of weight. It is comfortable to stand on. The user enjoys the sensation of riding a rickety roller coaster-standing up.

Durable and anti-static

It comes along with detachable parts which are easy to clean. You can exercise at various positions from the aid from two detachable resistance bands. They are easy to set up and mount. The vibration frequency takes 50 to 60 times per second. The machine works in a linear system since the platform does the same motion respectively both feet are moved upward or downwards at the same time.


  • Powerful motor (1.5 HP)
  • Support user weight up to 330 pounds
  • Improves and promotes the blood circulation
  • Helps to strengthen and coordination of muscles
  • Improves flexibility and helps to burn fat
  • Helps in remodeling bone mineral density
  • It helps to relief pain on joints and spinal cord


  • It is not recommended for patients with chronic heart disease


All in all, the platform vibrations can be effective when utilized to reduce the minor pains and stress relief. The major factor to the training results that can be achieved with the machine is up-down movement. If you are in the market for a new vibration machine, then you have to look at the Pinty 1000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine.