Vibration Machine Reviews: Nitrofit Deluxe Whole Body Vibration Machine in Black

Vibration machines today are so ubiquitous that you cannot walk into a gym and not find a vibration machine. If weight loss and muscle toning concern you, then ‘vibration machines’ are the weapons of choice. Thanks to their overwhelming popularity, sports celebs do not miss any opportunity in endorsing them. Even NASA has tested these plates of wonder for muscle atrophy studies in zero/and or microgravity scenarios. The best part about these machines besides offering a whole host of benefits is that they quite surprisingly reduce your time in the gym. Here’s a review on the Nitrofit Deluxe Whole Body Vibration Machine.

Large Blue LED Screen

This machine has a pretty large blue LED display with a programmable timer of 10 minutes. In the crystal-clear screen, you can see and choose a program for body fat according to your requirements. It also has a heart rate monitor for you to check heart rate, a scan mode and 5 workout programs in the preset mode.

Powerful Motor

This Deluxe Whole Body Vibration Machine is a perfect mix of technology and ergonomic design. The in-built motor of any vibration machine has to be reliable and also should have enough horse power to give you a hassle-free workout. Compared to other variants, this deluxe model has the distinct advantage of having a 1.5 HP motor which is very powerful and you are assured of a trouble-free workout.

Work-Out Poster Guide

One of the main difficulties people face after they purchase gym equipment is the lack of clear-cut instructions on how to operate them. This type situation can be quite confusing at times. To make things easy, this deluxe semi-commercial model comes equipped with a full-fledged poster guide that can easily guide a novice or a beginner through a 10 minute work-out session including massage positions and sculpting exercises.


  • Included in the package are resistance bands that can be effortlessly adjusted to approximately 50 pounds.
  • You are assured of high quality material used for the manufacturing of these plates. A steel frame of a very high durability is used and the plates have a molded plastic material covering.
  • Weight handling capacity of this machine is quite good at 301-400 lb.
  • With the large blue LED display, you don’t have to strain your eyes to review the settings.
  • With an overall product weight of 99 pounds, you won’t have any difficulty in installing or transporting the vibration plate.
  • CE/RoHS certified


  • None except that the price could have been a tad bit lower, but since it is a deluxe version with all the amazing features, one cannot complain too much.


This Deluxe Whole Body Vibration Machine is touted by Nitrofit as their advanced version of personal models. Quite rightly so, they do have a large vibration platform, a more powerful motor (1.5 HP) and smartly designed handlebars. The premium you pay for the deluxe version offers you a much larger, stable platform. Hence, you can perform more work-out regimes with ease. Although the machine is meant for light commercial use, it is the first choice for high-intensity University studies, athletic facilities, chiropractic offices and rehab centers. With a myriad of benefits, there is almost nothing to crib about. No wonder, this deluxe vibration machine is worth the premium you pay for.