Vibration Machine Reviews: NCI Q5 Whole Body Vibration Massager Exercise Machine

The NCI Q5 Whole Body Vibration Massager Exercise Machine is an efficient device that is recommended for use by people who need to attain physical fitness, loss excess weight, reduce excess cellulite, increase densities of bones, relax muscles and/or rehabilitate any injuries. This machine is also effective in boosting the circulatory systems’ efficiency by improving the circulation of blood and draining excess lymphatic fluids.

Three directional vibration technology

This is a technology that was invented in Russia in the 1960’s. It was mainly used by cosmonauts in their quest to enhance stamina and muscle strength. By training for just ten minutes every day and at least thrice every week, users are able to achieve results that are equivalent to 1 hour of conventional gym training. Users of this machine also benefit from in-built reset programs and training routines that are fully programmable.

Integrated whole body vibrations

This is a feature that facilitates involuntary muscle contraction in rapid flexes, thus resulting in stretch reflex stimulation that is impossible to achieve with normal exercises. The overall effect is automatic warming of muscles, increased blood circulation and flexing of joints.

Three in one design

The machine has a capacity of efficiently coordinating three automated movements simultaneously. Triangular oscillation provides alternating up-down movements that result in automatic engagement of all the major muscles. This leads to efficient burning of fat, toning and slimming of muscles.

Spiral mode provides elliptical motions that are smooth and horizontal, thus resulting in fast recovery, exertion of less effort and faster rehabilitation of injuries. Dual mode effectively combines the spiral and triangular movements in three dimensional spatial planes, which make it the perfect solution for dealing with cellulite.

There are very few devices that have combinations of the features described above. The expertly designed machine can accommodate maximum weight of 265 lbs. It’s driven by powerful dual DC motors with capacities of 200+300 Watts. The frequency ranges are as follows: Oscillation; 5-20Hz, Dual; 27-60Hz, Spiral; 22-40Hz. The machine has maximum amplitude of 10mm (oscillation), 10mm (dual) and 2mm (spiral).


This is the only machine with a unique integration of features such as; large platform (20.5 inches), three dimensional spatial movements, powerful dual DC motors, three vibration modes (triangular, dual and spiral oscillations) and 3600 vibration settings.

It’s simply the perfect solution for those who need to; relax muscles, improve their physical fitness, shed extra weight, enhance the circulation of blood in their systems and/or increase bone densities.