Vibration Machine Reviews: Colorful Items Mini Crazy Fit Whole Body Massager

A vibration machine, such as the Colorful Items Mini Crazy Fit Whole Body Massager, can be a great choice when you need a machine to burn fat as well as tone and tighten your skin. Fat burning is possible thanks to the increased metabolism by work out training. The vibration itself will reshape your body especially in the hip, waist as well as abdomen.

Features and Specifications

  • Comes in an ultra-streamline design
  • Has variable speed options
  • DC dynamo motor
  • Highly portable
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Item dimensions (LxWxH): 25.5”x 20”x 9.5”
  • Maximum user weight: 250lbs


The Mini Crazy Fit Whole Body Massager (model number MC-MCF08) offers smooth and stable running and is powered by a DC dynamo motor. It comes with variable speed options so users can firm and tone their muscles.

Remote controlled

This Whole Body Massager comes with a remote control to help you control the intensity and speed remotely. With this nice remote control you can adjuste the type of massage experience you have with whenever you want to.


As it comes in ultra compact design along with small profil, the Mini Crazy Fit Whole Body Massager is a lightweight as well as portable vibration machine that you can easily store under your desk at office.

Improves blood circulation

This special vibration machine is highly effective for enhancing blood circulation. The MC-MCF08 is also a great machine that you can count on when it comes to improving joint mobility to enhance your health and fitness levels.


For the price along with all the features it has, the Colorful Items Mini Crazy Fit Whole Body Massager  (model number MC-MCF08) can be a good investment for those who want to maintain overall health.