Merax ME560 Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine Review

What began as a gimmick has now been fully incorporated into the modern day gym – the vibration platform. After standing on this platform for a while, try doing some weight lifting, jumping or squats. Your performance has greatly improved. Researchers are however not on consensus as to how long one should use the machine before they get off. So go with the duration that gives you the best results when using the Merax ME560 Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine.

Device Specifications

This newly released modern heavy-duty vibration machine runs on a powerful 1500 wat silent drive motor. The speed is suitable enough for whole body fitness, massage, weight loss, exercising, strengthening of body muscles, toning and promotes cellulite regeneration. This heavy duty unit roughly weighs 110 pounds and has specific dimensions of 60 by 30 by 29 inch. When shipped it arrives in two boxes cumulatively weighing about 121 pounds. The Device has a range of 60 speed.

Control Panel 

There are two panels used for control navigation – one atop and the other on its lower portion. The lower controls come in handy when seated on the vibration plate). The control panel allows the user to control the speed, motion and time very conveniently. Below the device are four suction cups which provide stability when you are stationed on the vibration platform. You are at liberty to adjust the device into any of its four programs depending on your desires.

Power & Operation

The vibration capability offered by the Merax ME560 is way stronger than most market models and accommodates an impressive user weight capacity of up to 330 pounds largely due to its strong build. The powerful motor provides different speeds and runs quietly on triangular oscillation frequency-type vibration. The vibration is quiet whatever the level of adjustment you are operating. When operating at a higher speed it offers a much stronger massage capability.

Strong Massage Vibration Variations

Depending on how you set them, the effects on your body health are incredible. Tones and enhances and muscular strength. Your body coordination and balance is greatly improved if you regularly use the machine. It’s a helpful way of melting away body calories and fats. Increase your body metabolism enhancing circulation while activating the body joints. You realize a positive increase in your body and bone density while reducing thread veins. The outward appearance of your skin is improves too reducing instances of thread veins.

The Bottom Line

The manufacturers equate ten minutes of vibration from this machine to an hour or so of regular exercise. In as much as their claim seems catchy, it’s better to use it as an addition to a good diet and the regular conventional workout. The use of vibration platforms has become very popular nationwide as they are widely believed to improve your health and well-being. If you look at the benefits that arrive with the Merax ME560 Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine, it’s totally worth the expense.