Vibration Machine Reviews: Merax Dual Motor Dual Mode Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Fitness…something everyone strives for and yet most struggle with. New fitness approaches bombard us daily. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype. It can be overwhelming and difficult to determine which exercise trends actually work. The science used to create the Merax Dual Motor Dual Mode Vibration Platform Fitness Machine shows us that vibration exercise accelerates weight loss and muscle toning by activating muscle contractions and enhances users’ muscle strength and flexibility.

Features and specifications

  • Comes with powerful dual motors
  • Dual mode (horizontal movement & oscillation)
  • It has 99 speed levels
  • Fitted with yoga straps
  • Built in speaker with MP3/iPod/USB input
  • Comes with retractable foot for balancing
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds
  • Item weight: 49 pounds

Dual motor with variants of speed range

The dual motor provides a wide range of speeds and adjustable functions. The platform is a perfect fit for both beginners and advanced users. When used on a low speed setting, users can become adjusted to exercising while on the platform without over-exertion and muscle strain. Higher speed frequencies produce greater muscle movement and contractions which accelerates muscle tone and weight loss. With strong vibration users can achieve the maximum health benefits of vibration exercise.

Fitted with yoga straps

Included yoga straps improve the capability of this machine. The fitted yoga straps make it easy to perform both lower and upper body workouts. This platform can be used for total body fitness. By utilizing the platform for both upper and lower body routines, users are able to perform a wide range of exercises. Improved blood circulation, joint flexibility, and an increase in bone density are key benefits of total body exercise.

Built in speaker with MP3/iPod/USB input

Built in speakers with MP3, IPod, and USB capability and a remote provide users the flexibility to personalize their workout with music. Overload protection and static electricity resistance make the machine suitable for use in virtually any home or professional environment. Retractable feet can adjust height level for any user and ensure balance on unlevel flooring. The included instruction manual illustrates how to achieve the best results from this machine.


The variable speed settings are a definite plus. Beginners can start achieving the benefits of a vibration workout without over-exertion and muscle strain if beginning on the low setting. If used properly, a beginner can work up to the higher setting and improve muscle tone at a faster rate than exercising without the vibration platform. The built in speakers and USB port is also an added bonus.


While the yoga straps are intended to help users properly achieve an upper body workout, the vibrations aren’t as strong when used on the upper body as when used on the lower body. As a whole, it is difficult for vibration platforms to adequately target upper body exercises.


All in all, the Merax Dual Motor Dual Mode Vibration Platform Fitness Machine provides all of the benefits of a vibration workout. The wide range of speeds makes it easy for a beginner to start and avoid over-exertion and muscle strain which often leads to abandoning fitness programs. The yoga straps are useful for targeting upper body workouts and the machine can be effectively utilized for total body workouts. Built in speakers and USB port give the machine a high quality feel. Overall, this is an effective machine at achieving the goal of vibration fitness platforms; increased muscle tone and accelerated weight loss.