Merax Dual Motor 3D Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Review

When it comes to selecting an excellent addition to your fitness regime that not only offer solid performance but impressive affordability as well, you will be aware that there are many good choices for your needs. An excellent example of cutting technology together with superior fitness features would have to be the Merax Dual Motor 3D Vibration Platform Fitness Machine. This fitness machine utilizes exclusive vibration technology along with various other unique auxiliary features to help improve your overall health. Further lending to its superior features is that it features ergonomic construction and fashionable streamline design that allows you to be fit with style and class.

Powerful two motors, 3D mode Vibration

Perhaps one of the most significant features of this Merax Dual motor platform is the fact that it comes with two powerful motors for your unique fitness needs. Besides that, the inclusion of the 3D mode vibration capability gives the feeling of swaying or surfing, thus making your fitness sessions a thrilling experience each time. This unique type of vibration helps to improve blood circulation, reduce fat, enhance your balance and to relax your muscles as well.

Four adjustable settings

Another noteworthy feature of this best 3D vibration platform is the fact that it comes with four adjustable settings that allow the user to customize the fitness session to suit their requirements. To be specific, this unit comes with three inbuilt system controlled timeframes, speeds, and manual as well. Furthermore, it also provides three sports intensities including the jog, walk, and the run as well.

Premium durable anti-slip removable silica mat surface; 4 suction cups

Users will also have to appreciate that this 3D Vibration platform features a durable and slip resistant silica mat surface that makes it ideal for use even in the intensive settings. Further lending to the highly stable and well-balanced design of this best quality Fitness platform is that it comes with four suction cups that integrate the unit onto the floor for added comfort and stability as well.

Ultrathin figure; Wheels and Attached Straps

The manufacturers of this Merax fitness machine further demonstrate their obsession for excellence with the inclusion of the compact figure to make this a highly convenient addition for your fitness regime. On top of that, it also comes with a well-positioned wheel for easy storage and transport. With the inclusion of attached yoga straps, users can easily obtain an exclusive upper body workout while simultaneously reaping from the effects of the 3D Vibration.


Overall, given all these points, maintaining optimal health levels should be a major consideration for every individual. For this reason, any technically savvy person will at some point have to consider investing in a unique fitness technology for their health and well-being as well. An excellent recommendation at such a point in time would have to be the Merax Dual Motor 3D Vibration Platform Fitness Machine. This because it comes with a unique design along with exclusive technology that makes working out a breeze.