Vibration Machine Reviews: Merax All New 2015 Full Body Vibration Platform Slim Fitness Machine

Staying healthy is a combination of nutrition and workouts. Our main interest today is workouts and specifically the use of fitness machines. There are things you need to consider when buying a fitness machine. Apart from the price, you should examine all the features that come with different fitness machines before you place an order on any of them. One of the best fitness machines that will rarely disappoint is Merax All New 2015 Full Body Vibration Platform Slim Fitness Machine.

Product description

The machine comes with a stable running motor that helps in powering the devices during your workouts. In addition, it has 99 speed levels offering you with the best experience you may need during your workouts as you look forward to keeping your body in good shape. Dimensionally, the machine is 65 inches x 42 inches x 113 inches (L x W x H). In addition, the gadget weighs 44 lbs making it easy to move from one place to another when cleaning or relocating to a new home. Its speed ranges from 0- 99 while its amplitude is 0-10mm. You do not have to worry about your weight because the machine can support individual who weight up to 250lbs comfortably. The four preset modes and remote control provided with the machine makes it easy to adjust the machine to suit your needs as far as fitness is concerned. The gadget also comes with user- friendly handles that enables you to work out for hours without experiencing any form of discomfort with time.

Features and Specifications

  • Variable speed options that you can adjust with the help of a remote control during your workouts
  • It comes with a user weight capability of 250LBS
  • Stable running motor that helps in powering the device
  • Good for muscles building, toning as well as strengthening
  • Simple to operate console


  • The device improves muscles tissues as well as boosts on the users metabolic rate
  • Simple to use the device
  • User-friendly handles
  • Easy to assemble the device


  • It does not have clear guidelines especially for the new users of the product.

In summary, the Merax All New 2015 Full Body Vibration Platform Slim Fitness Machine has many benefits when it comes to fitness. Some of the benefits include building, toning and strengthening of the muscles, reduction of stress, boosting of the intensity of your bones and increases on circulation among others. The stable running motor that helps in generating power, variable speed option for taking care of the needs of both experienced individuals and its ability to support weight up to 250 lbs are some of the desirable features that will make you to fall in love with this machine. You have no reason of buying another machine when this is the best. If you have been thinking of the best way to maintain your physique without spending money of fitness programs then you should order for this machine.