Vibration Machine Reviews: Merax 1000W Vibration Platform Fitness Crazy Fit Machine

The Merax 1000W Vibration Platform Fitness Crazy Fit Machine is a versatile, easy to store, and convenient way to achieve a quick and rewarding workout at home. The platform is easy to use and built to a much higher standard of quality than other knockoff products available online. Featuring a handy suite of built in features, the product allows users to build muscle, reduce cellulite, and enjoy a relaxing massage before being easily stored for future use.

Features and specifications

  • Comes in small compact size
  • Comes with 1000W eco silent drive motor
  • Vibration type: Triangular Oscillation
  • Great for muscle toning, weight loss, muscle building and cellulite reduction
  • Maximum power 1.5 HP
  • It has 99 speed levels
  • Comes with Arm cords
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds

The vibration plate machine sports a reliable 1.5HP motor with several variable speed settings. It also features current overload protection and static electricity resistance. The added benefit of a the vibrations allows users to enjoy a relaxing massage function while exercising, helping to improve muscle strength, metabolism, weight loss, cellulite reduction, increase circulation, and generally promote user well-being.

In addition, the product features sever adjustable speed and intensity settings to customize vibration strength to the user’s preference. There are 99 speed settings for users to choose from, and the 1000W eco silent drive motor makes the product ideal for use in the home. The product features amplitude of 0-10mm and requires 110v/60Hz of input voltage to operate, being designed mainly for use in the United States.

Included with the product are the user manual, arm chords, and a handy remote control for ease of use. The compact size lets users keep the product nearby, but out of site in between workouts. The added yoga straps allow the user to target their upper body and arm muscles more efficiently. The platform features a built-in retractable foot allows the product to be adjusted for height and stability as well. The product can be operated under weight up to 300 pounds.

In summary, people choose vibration platform exercise equipment for a variety of reasons. With the high quality construction of the Merax 1000W Vibration Platform Fitness Crazy Fit Machine and added suite of useful features, users will appreciate the long service life and overall efficiency of the product. However, for the best result it is recommended to not use the vibration machine for more than 20 minutes per session.