Vibration Machine Reviews: MegaBrand 1000W Vibration Plate Crazy Fitness Massage Machine

Are you interested in a fat burning experience for your whole body? It may sound strange at first, but it may be more useful to the average consumer than you may know. The vibration machine became famous after they were used to help train Russian cosmonauts for their travel into space. The purpose of this is to trick your body into believing that you are falling, and that idea will create a response in the muscles of fast contraction to stop the supposed fall. Let’s take a look at one of the latest vibration machines released to the market – MegaBrand 1000W Vibration Plate Crazy Fitness Massage Machine.


Have you ever noticed how someone with bigger muscles never has fat in the same spot? You have to pick one or the other; you can’t have both on your body. To burn fat and lean out your body you need more muscle. With this machine and its unique process, you can help increase your muscle strength, circulation, core condition and a faster recovery from exercising as well. With a vibration plate, your whole body turns up the heat and activated muscles will grow and strengthen over time. When you have more muscles, the more fat you burn, and your metabolism is revved up higher each day.

Machine Basics

This vibration plate has an easy to use control panel around eye level for complete control of its settings. The users will stand on the vibrating plate and has the option of hand rails for added security. The MegaBrand 1000 Watt has three different preset programs for the users to choose from, as well as the opportunity to find a personal program they like best of all from the 99 range settings. The machine weighs about 79 pounds and is about 48” tall and 26” wide, the actual plate is smaller than the frame of the machine. It’s easy to use and customize and still easy for the average person to move on their own.

Is It Worth My Time?

Simply put, yes it is. Always keep in mind that each user is different and has different expected results. If you have ever thought about having one of these in your exercise circuit, I will urge you to consider it. From the improved circulation, to increase in bone density, to helping speed up muscle recovery; this machine is a smart addition to any home gym.


  • Powerful vibration machine (1000W)
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with three preset programs
  • 99 levels of speed
  • Affordable


  • This is not a lightweight machine

In conclusion, the MegaBrand 1000W Vibration Plate Crazy Fitness Massage Machine can be a great buy since it’s easy to operate and help you to increase body flexibility, balance and coordination.