Vibration Machine Reviews: Medvibe NitroFit Personal Whole Body Vibration Platform

Do you have some acumen on the splendid body vibration platform that will help you enhance muscle capabilities such strength, performance and endurance? Well the Medvibe Nitrofit Personal Whole Body Vibration Platform was is the ideal solution for such an issue. This useful device has been equipped with a particular type of mechanical technology that vibrates from side to side and is a top notch addition to your workout schedule. It also comes with an array of auxiliary features that can also be helpful in enhancing the workout experience.

Contemporary and ergonomic design

Don’t let the heavy appearance of this device fool you. You can easily position yourself on the platform such that a designated body region gets to feel the effect of the vibrations. More so, you can easily implement myriad conventional exercises such as press ups whilst implementing the use of these innovative device. Furthermore a benevolent addition is the convenient and user friendly placement of control for easy navigation.

LCD with ample size

The LCD display lies in between the comfortable handlebars and will help you monitor various metrics regarding your particular workout regime. This is particularly essential in that you want to fully aware of any progress you make during physical activity time. Furthermore, It allows you to be able to access added feature capabilities that come embedded in the machines programming such as the time an entire workout session has taken.

Pulse reading contacts on the handlebars

Having some ample acumen on your body heart rate is considered a paramount part of a comprehensive workout routine nowadays. For this reason, the Medvibe Nitroprofit comes equipped with splendid contrivances that will measure and calculate your average heart rate and subsequently display them on the LCD screen. All you need to do is simply place your hands on the contacts and wait for a few seconds for it to measure your heart beat.

Equipped with customizable resistance bands

These bands are elastic in nature and can be pulled from beneath the platform up to where the user feels the most resistance. The bands can be able to sufficiently accommodate up to a maximum of 100lbs worth of resistance force. This, when compounded with the effect of the vibrating platform can be a splendid technique work on your overall body balance and fitness.

Additional features

Weight- 44 kgs, Motor: 0.75 horsepower/110 V DC, Materials: steel construction, plastic TPR covering, Amplitude:13mm, Platform dimensions: 20” x13.5″, Speed range:v 30 levels, Frequency: 8~30Hz


  • Equipped with overload current protection and anti jamming technology
  • Beneficial for strengthening, massaging and relaxing the body
  • Comes with wheels for supreme mobility
  • Comes with a platform mat that enhances comfort ability


  • Not the ideal solution for extremely heavy individuals-(148kg maximum weight)
  • Requires some assembly before use


Since the advent of technologies meant to enhance the overall workout experience, there exists a significant number that demonstrate qualities that qualify them as lumbering dinosaurs in the consumer market. Any quibbles aside, the Medvibe NitroFit Personal Whole Body Vibration Platform is most definitely a top notch procurement for any avid workout individual.