Hypervibe Vibrating Platform Exercise Machine Review

The Hypervibe Vibrating Platform Exercise Machine is a premium vibrating platform with all the added features. This machine is not some clunky device that vibrates at a low speed. It’s the real deal, and while more expensive than the other popular models it has some unique features that according to Hypervibe place it far ahead of its competitors.

To begin with, the Hypervibe Vibrating Platform is able to generate an astounding 17G’s of force. This is almost twice as powerful as the nearest competitor. The speed is adjustable and you can begin from as little as 0.8G’s. It comes with a 900 watt motor with overload protection and a large LCD screen where you can choose from 4 different programs and manually create your own.

The Hypervibe Vibrating Platform is made with a steel frame and large handles so you can stay balanced while using it. It’s great for athletes who want to achieve peak performance, healing from injuries or those who want to improve their health and well-being.

Leaves The Competition In The Dust

Even compared to more expensive models the Hypervibe Vibrating Platform will feel much more powerful and intense. The 17G max force really is something to be reckoned with and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better machine.

Many Exercises and Uses

With the Hypervibe Vibrating Machine you’ll have plenty of different exercises you can do. If you’re a beginner you can just stand or sit on the machine to experience the benefits. If you’re an athlete or want to take your training to the next level you can do a variety of exercises to target specific muscles and enhance your workouts. Those with injuries can also target specific spots on the body to aid in healing.


  • Double the force of competing devices at 17G’s
  • Rugged steel frame construction
  • Large LCD display showing actual vibration frequency
  • Manual operation mode + 4 frequency specific programs
  • Powerful 900 Watt motor with current overload protection

What Others Are Saying

Users of the Hybervibe Exercise Machine say it is simply amazing and that there are no comparisons with other competing models. The say it inspires them and they feel energized after using it. It is more expensive than other models but they say the price is worth it for such an elegant and powerful machine.

Bottom Line

The Hypervibe Vibrating Platform Exercise Machine is a great machine. This machine will cost more than other top selling models but according to users it is well worth the added investment. Many say it has ten times the power of other competing brands and they instantly feel the difference the moment they step on the platform.