Hypervibe G-10 Whole Body Vibration Machine Platform Plate Review

Hypervibe G-10 Whole Body Vibration Machine is a slimming and fitness device which enables users to reduce their weight and keep fit anaerobically. This machine generates vibrations which are subsequently transmitted into the human body when in contact with it. These vibrations create eccentric muscle reactions which enable the burning of body fat and body energy without the use of oxygen. It has certain salient features and benefits, a sample of which is outlined in the ensuing discussions:

Bluetooth Connectivity

It is a connectivity feature that enables users of the device to program or control the device from a remote location via the smart phones, tablets and MP3 Players. This is achieved by downloading the HyperVibe G10 app, installing it on the desired device and configuring the app for eventual use. This feature enables the device to be used with minimal attention and which confers upon its user’s greater flexibility and convenience of use.

Healthcare and Fitness-related benefits

The Hypervibe G-10 confers upon its users a range of health and fitness-related benefits such as the increase in muscle strength, improvement of blood circulation, increase in bone density, the combat of cellulite, stimulation of lymphatic system, and boosting of the immune system. Regular users are thus guaranteed of staying fit and as disease-free as possible.

Wide Variety of Fitness Programs

This vibration platform machine has 40 pre-installed fitness programs that are designed by leading experts in the field of fitness and exercises such as Gabriel Ettenson, who is a US Whole Body Vibration expert. These 40 programs do grant users variety and flexibility both of which are critical for their wellbeing. Moreover, this variety makes the equipment relevant to all kinds of users ranging from Beginners to Intermediate and to Professionals and Experts.

Top-notch Controls and Operations

This Slim Fitness Therapy machine is equipped with top-notch controls and operational features among them the iOS Operating System, Android apps, timers, remote control units, and a console all of which work in harmony to ensure that the very best results are delivered to the users. These features make it possible for users to multi-task i.e. perform two or more tasks such as exercising and monitoring progress at the same time.

As can be deduced from the foregoing discussions, Hypervibe G-10 Whole Body Vibration Machine is a very awesome fitness machine since it combines portability, advanced technology, ease of use, versatility and convenience of use, all in one simple package! It is therefore a must have for any would-be weight losers and fitness enthusiasts.