Vibration Machine Reviews: Hurtle HURVBTR60 Exercise Equipment Vibration Fitness Machine

Fitness training machines for home usage are getting popular day by day. There is wide choice of them. It is possible to choose apparatus of any type and size. But it’s always better to get the one, performing training of all body parts simultaneously, rather than buy numerous training simulators for each type of muscles. New revolutionary Hurtle HURVBTR60 Exercise Equipment Vibration Fitness Machine can be a great choice for home training, because it has whole set of advantages in comparison with other machines.

Accelerates burning fat and losing weight

The Hurtle HURVBTR60 can be used as part of aerobic type training, which allows to burn fat and as a result lose as much weight as necessary. It makes training the whole fun, because vibrations (which are main key of this high effective machine) do all hard and exhausting work for you. All body parts – core, lower and upper body – are enabled in working out, which makes it simple with new vibration system.

Trains different groups of muscles 

This vibration machine has new 3D oscillating motion technology, which allows you keep in tone all parts of body. Due to this system training of a whole body can be performed. This new-age fitness platform will help to train and keep in tone your calves, thighs, ABS, buttocks and all other areas. You can focus on training of an area you need to improve or perform total training to feel energetic and healthy.

Multi-level speed options

Choose any speed you like, 20 levels are evaluable. Speed choice can be based on your level of training or your general body state. The machine passed laboratory tests and proved possibility of increasing general health state. It goes capable of, because it improves muscle strength, body flexibility and blood circulation at once. This is really multi-purpose equipment; no other fitness machine can bring so much use to your health.


  • New generation vibration system
  • Performs full body training
  • Burns fat in shortest time
  • Operation easy system
  • 20 speed levels


  • Can’t be used by pregnant woman
  • It’s not for those who suffer from serious diseases


All in all, the Hurtle HURVBTR60 Exercise Equipment Vibration Fitness Machine is perfect to perform home fitness training, because it is high-effective, avoids cellulite appearing, increases body stats and health state on the whole. Besides, it is small (you can keep it anywhere in your flat), easy and comfortable in use (it can be operated by remote control and digital touch button controls). It’s not too much expensive and has attractive design. This fitness platform is of next generation fitness training, it makes high-level working out.