Vibration Machine Reviews: Hurtle HURVBTR30 Exercise Equipment Vibration Fitness Machine

Physical fitness is an important part of everyday life. Many have their own tried and true workout routines which keep them in shape. Now, thanks to advancements in fitness technology, people are able to maximize the results of their workout. The Hurtle HURVBTR30 Exercise Equipment Vibration Fitness Machine has the ability to get rid of excess fat and build muscle like never before.

Features and Specifications

  • Portable
  • It has 20 adjustable speed levels
  • Features 3D oscillating motion technology to tone user’s ABS, thighs, buttocks and calves
  • Incorporates upper body, lower body and core workouts
  • Lab tested to improve flexibility, strength and circulation
  • Comes with remote control
  • Item weight: 32.8 pounds

Burn Fat

Vibrations from the Hurtle vibration machine will help anyone get rid of bothersome pockets of fat. Normal cardio is an excellent way to get the heart pumping, but it can only take weight loss so far. There are people who may have trouble areas that never seem to get any better. The vibration force muscles to work harder which in turn will decrease fat on the body.  

Tone Muscle  

The 3D oscillating motion technology that is used in this machine will help tone muscle, reshaping legs and abs. It is as simple as standing on the platform. The machine sends out high powered vibrations which help muscles contract in a way that usually takes a good amount of extra effort. This is a fun and quick way to get in shape.

Improve Circulation  

Perhaps the most stubborn type of body fat is cellulite. Barring surgery it seems almost impossible to get rid of. Increased circulation will actually help smooth skin and decrease the appearance of cellulite. With 20 adjustable speeds anyone can see improvement in both flexibility and circulation.

In summary, the Hurtle HURVBTR30 Exercise Equipment Vibration Fitness Machine is taking exercise to a whole new level. The adjustable speeds make it possible for people to go at their own pace while the unique design will give a full body workout. Many see positive development after using the machine for just ten minutes a day. This machine would be a great addition to any workout.