Vibration Machine Reviews: Health Mark Osci Health Vibration Training Machine

For a number of years you have had issues with obesity, body posture and flexibility. Lately, you have been talking to your friends about your woes and getting the best health vibration training machine could exactly be what they have ordered you to do. You have done your research and Health Mark Osci Health Vibration Training Machine came out as one of the best and you have been kept wondering if it really works. Well, here is all you need to know about this machine.

30 speed settings

This feature alone operates within the optimal frequency parameter. The best part, research has shown to significantly improve circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood. It is unlike anything the industry has witnessed in the past.

Rear wheels

The feature is also of the things that will lure you into buying Health Mark Osci Health Vibration Training Machine. The designer did incorporate some rear wheels for smooth and flawless mobility.

3 preset programs with manual settings and adjustable timer with 10 minute Max and LCD display

With this, what you can do with Health Mark Osci Health Vibration Training Machine are virtually limitless; you can easily create you own custom workout. It does not even stop there; with it also, you can actually get 3 preset programs for beginners and another extended weight capacity of up to 350lbs.

Vertical oscillation

To deliver both lateral and vertical displacement for as the machine moves, the core of your body adjust to the oscillating making you activate your un-exercised muscles and tremendously improve your physical health. As if that is not even enough; it is surprisingly low impact, and you can actually build strength without necessarily compromising your joints.


Seen as an attempt by the creators to make this model of training machine the best, they made sure it came fully packed with every little good thing you can possibly think of. Below are a few of the pros.

  • The 17.5 by 14 inch platform is comes with unlike anything you have ever seen. With this features, you can literary do anything from sitting, standing and leaning. The best part, the front handles, gives you unbelievable stability.
  • Plenty of work out options; this is another one of he selling points of this machines. It offers quite an array of workout options ranging all the way from three preset programs, 30 speed settings, adjustable timer and also a manual option.
  • Thirdly, it is just the best solution if you have fought with obesity for decades for it works like magic.


  • Without seeming biased, with all that has been said about this machine, it is now more than obvious the designer managed to nail everything. However, nothing is perfect and this comes with one limitation; the price. It is a little bit pricey and that alone is going to deter many people who would have wanted the machine from purchasing it.


Ultimately, looking at the way this machine has been designed, it seems the designer took some of their past trials and mistakes and improved on them; this machine is nearly perfect. If you have had a not so good experience with vibration training machines in the past, obviously, you would be very picky with the choice you make. However, I would highly recommend it to anyone at anytime for it is among the best in the industry.