Vibration Machine Reviews: Health Line Massage Products Hold Max 330LB Bigger More comfortable Vibration Plate whole Body Exercise Fitness Machine Crazyfit Trainer

Vibration machines are the new buzzword for toning your muscles quickly and effectively. Many sports celebrities endorse it and even NASA has tested it especially in case of muscle atrophy for use in micro-gravity environment. They increase metabolism, accelerate weight loss and increase bone density. Not only that, they improve blood circulation, make your body tissues strong and boost your energy levels. They significantly reduce the time spent in working out and hence it’s a blessing for people who find it very hard to spend a lot of time over at the gym.

There are many vibration machines out there in the market but let’s take a look at the Health Line Massage Products Hold Max 330LB Plate and find out whether it is worth spending your money on it.

Ergonomic Design

The smooth streamline design coupled with an ergonomic touch ensures that your muscles get the proper toning and workout without injury while you are sweating it out.

Powerful Motor

The very efficient and powerful 500W motor assures a quieter ambience. The maximum weight that the machine can bear is 330 lb and not only that, the smart upgraded system promises reduced wear and tear on the machine & noise levels.

LED Display

You are provided with extra large push buttons for Time, Body Fat & Speed settings. Regarding speed levels, you have the choice to select anywhere from between 1-50 speed levels depending upon your choice of a workout. It has built-in 14 plus 1 manual workout program including a fat scan.

Additional Features

It has a very reliable heavy duty mute DC dynamo which runs smoothly. The machine is so designed that you are protected in situations of current overload, jamming or static. There are excercise straps on two sides. The machine is certified by CE plus one year warranty.


  • The smart upgraded motor system reduces wear on the machine and noise levels which is quite good.
  • The assembling process is very simple.
  • The design is impressive and ergonomically quite good.


  • 500W motor is not that powerful in comparison to other machines in the market.


The Hold Max 330LB is a mid-range product which will give you a pretty decent workout all for its reasonable price. With the added CE Certification, high quality is assured meaning that the product has been through high quality checks. Overall with a warranty of 12 months, you can buy it, resting assured that even with a mid-sized motor, your body and muscles will get the required workout.