Vibration Machine Reviews: Health Line Massage Products 200W Super Thin Full Body Vibration Plate

The Health Line Massage Products Super Thin Fully Body Vibration Plate is all about good health vibrations. This means that this amazing machine can produce spot-on results that include super weight loss and increasing both muscle mass and tone as well.

Features and Specifications

  • It has 200W motor power
  • It has 20 speed levels
  • Maximum user weight: 330 Pounds
  • The Plate is made of high quality rubber Vibration Plate so it’s very comfortable for the skin.
  • It’s very portable
  • It’s super thin (The machine thickness is only 5.5 Inches)
  • Comes with 4 sucker feet: anti-slip, strong adsorption capacity to make sure this vibration plate is very stable in use.
  • Equipped with rubber wheel to prevent any damage on the floor.

Good and rapid vibrations

What this wondrous vibration trainer has in abundance is very clear for all to see. It has good and rapid vibrations. These good and rapid vibrations make for great things. These great things do include muscle mass that is increased a great deal, the visible lessening of body fat and cellulite, improved balance and circulation, and so much more to get you the dream body you have always dreamed of having for yourself.

Delivers the great results you want in less time

One of the biggest quarrels that people do have with using a vibration trainer or any other form of specialized weight loss exercise equipment is very clear. Individuals don’t want to keep on using the trainer or machine and see no results right away. What is great about the Health Line Massage Vibration Plate is obvious. You will see great results with it in less time. Just only 10 minutes on this machine can replace close to an hour of conventional workout. This top of the line vibration trainer gets the job done faster and quicker.

A full workout for not just the body, but also the muscles

Weight loss just isn’t about getting rid of the spare tire or the big back end. It is also about working the entire body and part of working the entire body does include the muscles. What this truly awesome vibration plate can do is give your muscles the full workout that they do need to. This is because the muscles will increase in all the best ways possible. Muscle mass and tone will improve drastically. It is the rapid vibrations of the machine that do create a high rate of muscle contraction. These reflex muscle contractions occur up to 50 times per second.

Lots of fantastic features all rolled up into one vibration trainer like no other

There are lots of things that make this vibration plate stand out on its own merit. It is designed with humanized detail in mind. Everything about the vibration plate is comfortable and totally supportive for all who decide to use it to lose weight and get back into good health. It is super portable and thin in description. Its thickness is only 5.5 inches and the plate itself is made of high quality rubber. It also has four sucker feet that have strong adsorption capacity and are anti-slip. This machine is very stable in use. It is truly a vibration trainer like no other. What makes it unique is very clear. You vibrate yourself to awesome weight loss and other health perks.


The Health Line Massage Products 200W Super Thin Full Body Vibration Plate is the one vibration trainer that will get you back to not only, where you need to be normal weight wise, but it will also give you the incentive to want to workout regularly too. This incentive is inspired along by its various good health vibrations.