Vibration Machine Reviews: GForce Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

For all the people who have a hard time being consistent with their workouts in the gym due to work and a tight schedule, the whole body vibration training is a great way to improve their fitness without using any complicated equipment or machines. This training involves standing on a platform that vibrates at certain amplitude along with the movement of the platform itself. This training improves the physical condition of the person and reduces the risk of bone fractures in older people and also produces neuromuscular adaptation. A good vibration system must be easy to use and provide all the necessary features to get the most out of the vibration training like various platform movement options, inbuilt programs along with manual programming and all this at an affordable price. In this article we will discuss more about the GForce Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine.

Dual Motor with Dual Motion

This whole body vibration system comes with a 1000W Triangular Oscillation Motor and a 500W Tri-planar Vibration Motor, each responsible for controlling the movement of the platform in a different pattern. The Triangular Oscillation pivots the platform at the center and moves in an up and down motion similar to that of a see-saw. The Tri-planar Vibration moves the platform in a circular motion. Both these movements can be performed separately or combined together in a single program. Most conventional vibration systems only support one type of motion.

60-Speed Settings for each motor

It comes with 60-speed settings for each motor that allows the user to set custom speed for all the platform movements and ensures maximum performance for different needs of the user. It adjusts both the Triangular and Tri-planar movement speeds to suit your objectives.

6 Modes consisting of 3 Automatic and 3 Manual Programs

The GForce Professional Dual Motor comes with the option of Manual Oscillation, Manual Vibration both Manual Vibration and Oscillation along with 3 automatic programs and 3 user-defined programs to allow the user to create their own programs according to their objectives. Along with these features, it also has an LCD display that tracks the duration of your session and type of mode in use.


  • Powerful Dual motors (1000W and 500W) supporting both Triangular oscillation and Tri-planar vibration
  • 60 Speed Settings for each motor allowing custom movement speeds
  • Comes with an LCD display
  • Comes with 3 Automatic and 3 user-defined programs for maximum results from the vibration training
  • Vertical arms built on both sides to provide support and arm toning as well as adjustable locking legs to stabilize the system even at maximum speeds


  • This machine weighs around 135 pounds which is a bit heavy


Going through all the key features, pros and cons of the GForce Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine, we can easily say it is one of the best and affordable vibration systems in the market being loaded with all the features and gears to make the most out of your training sessions. It has almost no cons except its weight but it’s worth all the features that it has.