Vibration Machine Reviews: Generic 1100W Crazy Fit Whole Body Vibration Plate Machine Massage Massager

Generic 1100W Crazy Fit Whole Body Vibration Plate Machine uses a special vibration technology that provides low-impact, clean vertical full body massage with a single touch of a button. The calibration technology compensates for the weight of the user to provide a consistent experience every time. Now there is no need to follow exhausting exercise programs and expensive gym subscriptions. All the needed therapeutic effects can be achieved by using this powerful and easily programmable vibration plate machine.

Undeniable Health Benefits

Whole body vibration technology helps improve and strengthen the bone and muscle flexibility. It promotes effective weight loss, and helps in the treatment of diseases, such as low back pain, chronic bronchial asthma (but not acute pneumonia), poly-arthritis and obesity. During vibration sessions your vessels naturally dilate, the blood flow increases, the cells become saturated with oxygen – all this leads to an increased physical efficiency, blood flow, and reduction of cellulite. This is just a short list of undeniable health benefits you get from using the whole body vibration plate machine.

Configuration Buttons and Screens

You have to use only six small buttons in order to open the huge potential of the Generic vibration machine. They include: power / stop button, start button, manual or auto program selection, timer / weight / age / height / gender selection, and the last two buttons let you manipulate the speed of the massage. Three small screens above show you the following information: body fat percentage analysis, the number of the selected program and the last screen indicates the current speed of the vibration. This simple set of tools is more than enough for you to be able to support and control your healthy lifestyle.


  • Finest quality product made of the best materials. Steel frames of highest durability are printed with fashionable color
  • Maximum load weight is only 330.69 lbs
  • Electric current overload protection guarantees the long lasting usability of the machine. If you have a sudden overload in your electric system the machine will shut down automatically
  • Static electricity resistance prevents from undesirable static charge shocks during massage sessions
  • Retractable foot can be used to adjust the machine height and also keep it balanced
  • Anti jamming mechanism will never let the machine stop during your workout.
  • Super ergonomic design with excellent proportions that will fit almost any kind of body
  • Wide range of speed adjustments – vary from 1 to 99. Different settings may create a significant impact during massage sessions
  • Can be used for precise body weighing and fat distribution monitoring, which are necessary if you follow a strict diet, for example.


  • May not fit people who have gone through inner organ surgeries. Consult your doctor beforehand


All in all, Generic 1100W Crazy Fit Whole Body Vibration Plate Machine is a great solution for those looking for a universal body massager. No need to choose specific belts or reading through a long manual deciding, which program to choose for a certain part of the body. This vibration massager can quickly freshen you up in the morning and after a long and tiresome day. All you need is a few 5-10 minute sessions a day to feel healthy and strong again.