Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate Review

If you’re looking for a vibration machine that isn’t going to cost an arm and a look but still has solid performance then try the Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate. This vibration machine is one of the most affordable on the market and also one of the most popular.

What makes the Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate so popular is that it works well to increase muscle mass and improve flexibility while reducing fat and improving balance. It’s thought that just 10 minutes on this machine is the equivalent to about an hour of regular exercise. That’s a great improvement in time and perfect for the busy individual.

This vibration machine has a vibration plate with 50 speed settings. Due to the intensity of the vibrations it’s able to give a workout to 95% of your muscles. Why this works so well is that the vibrations cause muscle contractions of up to 50 times per second. This is better than any conventional workout could do. It also helps to improve balance and reduce stress and fatigue.

You’ll Love This Machine

The Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate is affordable and easy to put together. It may not have the power of a larger machine but it works well for home use. You could easily purchase 10 of these machines for the price of one of the more expensive models.

Results In Just 10 Minutes a Day

According to Gadget Fit you just need to use this device for 10 minutes each day to see some amazing results. This has been confirmed by customers who say they are starting to firm up and drop off the pounds.


  • Increased muscle mass, Better flexibility
  • Cellulite/body fat reduction, Improved balance
  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Deliver great results in less time – 10 minutes on this machine can replace up to an hour of conventional workout
  • If you suffer from joint problems, have a heart condition or use a pacemaker, we recommend seeking medical advice before using a vibration trainer.

What Others Are Saying

This Power Vibration Plate from Gadget Fit is easy to use and put together. Being so affordable means it can be purchased by ordinary individuals without a lot of extra cash to their name. This is one of the most popular machines on Amazon and has a star rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Let’s have a look at what users are saying about this machine.

Bottom Line

The Gadget Fit is a budget vibration machine that will give you everything you need to start your vibration workouts. It’s smaller than the more luxury models and doesn’t have such a strong vibration so if you want the best vibration workout then this machine is not for you. If you’re happy with something that is affordable and will give you the basics then have a look at the Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate.