Vibration Machine Reviews: EOS 6600 Commercial / Professional Vibration Exercise Machine by FBE Wellness

Passive exercise is the latest trend in the weight loss industry. The emergence of whole body vibration machines, or WBV, has allowed people to thoroughly exercise without having to actively put so much pressure on the body. The EOS 6600 Commercial/Professional Vibration Exercise Machine is a first-class exercise platform that provides the user with a full head-to-toe routine just by standing on the machine podium. It is an ideal machine for the passively fit person. This oscillating vibration machine has topnotch specifications, is very easy to use, and presents many health benefits to its user.

Fine Specifications

This compact machine is good for both commercial and professional use. The model comes in sleek silver and gray and boasts of a digital display and digital analog audio. The equipment has tremendous power and has a maximum load capacity of 450 pounds. The platform size is comfortable at 9” wide and 24” long. It collaborates with the machine’s pre-set programs for exercise: stand straight, knee bent, and push up.

Ease of Use

The pre-set programs of this equipment are the complete package. These programs allow you to maximize your workouts with the addition of certain techniques. While you are on stand up mode, you can add appropriate weightlifting routines or do abdominal exercises while standing up. On knee bent mode, you can utilize upper body free range of motion exercises as the machine platform oscillates differently from stand up mode. Program three’s push up option lets you strengthen your arms or you can switch to working out your legs instead. The options you have with this equipment are excellent, truly easy, and very useful.

Great Health Benefits

Vibration exercises provide many fitness benefits. As it oscillates while you are on it, this equipment strengthens the whole body in one go. It also helps improve your balance and flexibility. It may also help you keep off any weight you’ve lost as studies have suggested that WBV exercises seem to target visceral fat. Not only does this equipment have tremendous fitness benefits, it can also be used in rehabilitation. Its wellness benefits for those who are in rehab or geriatric users are tremendous. The equipment allows low-impact training with high-end results.


  • It’s a whole body vibration exercise machine
  • Powerful machine (1.5 HP)
  • Comes with 3 preset programs (Stand Straight, Knee Bent and Push Up)
  • Perfect for indoor & outdoor sports
  • Maximum user weight: 450 pounds


  • The price may not be reasonable for some people, but it’s worth it
  • It’s not portable since it weighs 195 pounds (Gross), but it’s a stable machine

In conclusion, the EOS 6600 Commercial/Professional Vibration Exercise Machine is the best equipment for those who are looking for lower-risk exercise options. Its specifications are just right, and it is absolutely user-friendly. While it has top of the line software technology, the dashboard itself is easy to read and operate. Combined with modified exercises, this equipment is designed to produce maximum results both in fitness and wellness. It can help those who are already active and at the same time those who are sedentary. It is a topnotch brand in the WBV exercise industry and is the perfect equipment for passive exercising.