Emer Whole Body Fitness Vibration Platform Machine Review

The vibration cardio massage platform is one of the most recent innovations in the area of home exercise machines. Its simple design is quite an effective way to take your exercise to the next level, and increase the number of calories you burn. It engages every muscle in your body helping you lose weight, tone up in addition to improving your overall health. One of the most reliable machines of this type is the Emer Whole Body Fitness Vibration Platform Machine. This compactly designed cardio fitness machine delivers high-performance in a remarkably stable construction. Its safety-minded design allows one to push themselves further and exercise confidently. They get to enjoy the added benefit of quicker results in less-time thanks to this vibrating platform.

Built to maximize fitness and health benefits

Take your workout to the next level with this full body fitness platform. Unlike most cardio and aerobic exercise fitness machines, it offers additional benefit of increasing the effectiveness of your workout. Thanks to the design of the fitness machine, you’ll see and feel the results much quicker and in less time than if you’re to using traditional methods of exercise. It works by creating a high-frequency vibration which causes a stretch-reflex in the body. The vibration helps engage each and every muscle in your body in your workouts. This causes you to burn more calories, increase bone density and lessen cellulite as well as helping improve blood circulation. Besides, the vibration helps relieve stress since it works out tension from inside your muscles. This allows you to experience better results while exercising and reduces the risk of pulled muscles and injury.

Easy to Set Up and Use

This vibration machine has got a wide, rubber, studded surface, clearly marked out to point out the areas where one should place their feet as you exercise. It also features embossed granules which effectively give you a foot massage even as you exercise. This machine comes with a remote controller that you can use to adjust its settings. The large LCD screen with six large buttons to display the modes and speed of the machine. You can easily view those details as you exercise. The buttons allow you to turn the platform on and off, to adjust the mode, to set the timer, and to set-the speed and strength of vibration.

Compact and Stable Design

This machine has a stylish and stable design with performance functionality. It’s built to promote safety and effectiveness. This helps you to perform cardio workouts and increase your levels of fitness. The small size allows this unit to be easily portable and stored, so you can easily use it right in the comfort of your office or your home. High max weight-capacity is up to 380 lbs. The Emer vibration machine has a low, stable profile making it sturdy and capable of resisting any accidental scrapes or knocks. The suction cups fitted at its bottom are for added stability and they grip the floor once you set the unit on the floor. By so doing, the platform is able to remain firmly fixed to the same-spot as you exercise. The top of the platform is made of rubber and texturized. The rubber promotes grip so you never have to worry about-your feet slipping or sliding whilst exercising.

Other Features

Emer vibration machine packs a host of features into its small footprint design. One is the 2-mode operating system, the horizontal mode and vibratile mode. You can set it-up on a program to add intensity to your exercise at set intervals, which slowly increases over time. You can also set it at a manual pace, adjusting it up and down as necessary. This helps achieve a side to side movement and shaking-up and down feeling. The machine comes equipped with a high quality rubber anti slip base, 2 adjustable bungee cord, as well as suction cups on the base to help prevent slippage. The complimentary strong straps can be tied to the platform or just used separately for a great upper body workout. It helps tone muscles. Body conditioning will be enhanced during this interesting process.

The Bottom Line

The Emer Whole Body Fitness Vibration Platform Machine is perfect for exercising in either your home or your office. It’s a great way to attain a total body work out in a low-impact way. The result? You become stronger, leaner, improve your blood circulation, right from the comfort of your own home. Besides, this fitness machine require less time, and so workouts are faster, but just as effective. This makes it an ideal choice for persons who may have weakened muscles as a result of injury or illness. Even when you simply sit or rest on this unit, it’ll offer relief from back-aches and other body pains. It’s a worthy investment for anyone to make.