Vibration Machine Reviews: DZT Ultra Vibe V2000 “Portable” Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine

Lose weight, build muscle and improve your overall health with only ten minutes a day, three times a week of doing absolutely nothing at all? Sounds too good to be true? Well, it would have up until now. As technology and science progress, so do the weight loss and fitness industries, and Canada-based DZT Fitness presents to you, the DZT Ultra Vibe V2000 “Portable” Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine. Experience the many benefits in a safe, effective, and scientifically proven way.

Improve Fitness Through WBV

The DZT Ultra Vibe utilizes Whole Body Vibration or WBV, whereby energy is transferred to the body through vibrations the machine generates. The specific vibration produced is a stimulus which results in a stretch reflex at which the muscles contract 30 to 50 times per second, depending on the frequency of the oscillating vibration motion, which can be anywhere between 5 to 30 Hz. Training with this WBV machine requires no weights as the technology is based on vibration exercise.

Experience Numerous Health Benefits

Using the DZT V2000, you will burn fat, build core muscle, improve coordination, flexibility and mobility, reduce stress on the joints, restore hormonal balance and increase human growth hormone production and testosterone levels. It will also speed up your metabolism, help improve the quality of your skin by by boosting collagen production as well as improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. Using the machine releases endorphins that make you feel good.

Portable And Durable Machine

Being very small in size at 64h x 51w x 24d cm, weighing 52 pounds, requiring no maintenance, no weights and producing almost no noise at all, this portable vibration machine can be used anywhere and anytime, and is easily stored in comparison with most other exercise equipment. Its durable construction and reliable components means the DZT Ultra Vibe an investment for many years to come.


  • Allows you to improve your overall fitness with almost no work, in very little time
  • Machine has high durability and portability, due to great construction and materials
  • Complete muscle recruitment, meaning all muscle fibres are recruited during exercise
  • Scientifically proved technology, utilizing a pivotal motion and highly specific frequencies


  • The maximum oscillating frequency can vary per model


Never before was exercising as easy as it is with the DZT Ultra Vibe V2000 “Portable” Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine. A mere ten minutes a day, three times a week of vibration exercise will drastically improve your health and help you lose weight with no effort involved. When you consider than Whole Body Vibration is used by high profile sports athletes organizations and medical and clinical facilities all over the world, why would you not take advantage of the same exercise?