Vibration Machine Reviews: DKN Technology Xg5pro Series Whole Body Vibration Machine

The DKN Technology Xg5pro Series Whole Body Vibration Machine makes professional-grade low-magnitude vibration available in the privacy of your own home. Not familiar with this new development in exercise technology? The machine’s gentle action stimulates your tendons, which then triggers a stretching reflex in your muscles, ranging from 20 to 50 reactions each second. In just three weekly sessions of 15 minutes apiece, you can experience toning, weight loss, and relief of lower back discomfort, along with other workout benefits from this unique type of exercise.

Built-in Personal Coach

Especially for women, minimizing the effects of osteoporosis becomes a focal point in mid life. Anyone from athletes to older adults can use this precision machine with confidence to take advantage of processes that underlie the body’s own natural way of rejuvenating itself. A built-in personal coach guides you through four pre-programmed workouts targeting total body, abdominals, and upper and lower body. During each rest period between vibration sequences, the coach shows you exactly how to position yourself for the next workout phase, and highlights the muscle groups you’re about to address.

Self-Paced Workouts

As you progress through your workouts, or if you’re already a competitive athlete, you may prefer to customize the machine’s performance beyond its built-in programs. For advanced use or to structure a special-purpose routine, the machine offers the ability to bypass its automated settings and build your own training profile. Use the backlit touch screen to adjust vibration frequency among seven different settings, each tailored to a different level of fitness. As your body accustoms itself to growing amounts of effort, you gain strength and tone.

Great for People of All Sizes

Some workout gear only accommodates a narrow weight range, limiting the population that can use it safely. Individuals up to 330 pounds can work out on this WBV machine, making it an ideal choice for athletes as well as for people on weight loss regimens. A high-grade steel frame with carbon-reinforced construction provides a sturdy platform and includes a lifetime warranty, along with two years’ coverage on all electrical components. The machine measures only 25 inches wide and 29 inches deep, and stands 59 inches tall for easy viewing.

Built for Quiet Convenience

Unlike treadmills and weight machines, which can transmit noise through floors to annoy family members or neighbors, this WBV machine isolates its vibration platform to keep your workout quiet. That same isolation keeps workout vibrations from affecting operating controls or passing through the ergonomic safety handles. The design reflects input from physicians and health professionals, all determined to build the best workout option to suit the widest possible range of fitness needs.


  • Built for home use, it’s a low-speed, low-magnitude vibrating platform
  • It provides gentle vibrations that move into and all the way through your body
  • It can contract muscles 20 to 50 times per second
  • Comes with personal coach guides user through different workouts
  • User weight capacity: 330 pounds
  • Item dimensions (W x H x D): 25 x 59 x 29 inches


  • This may not be for you in case you are looking for a highly portable vibration machine as this machine weighs 161 pounds


If you’ve always assumed that you need to spend miles on a treadmill or elliptical, pump endless pounds of iron, or sweat your way through endless aerobic routines set to bad workout music, the DKN Technology Xg5pro Series Whole Body Vibration Machine will redefine your expectations. Take advantage of some of the latest research in exercise science and let the subtle power of low-magnitude vibration help you shed pounds, tone muscle, maintain bone density, and build flexibility, all without spending hours in the gym.