Vibration Machine Reviews: Crazy Fit Massager Power Plate

Are you feeling frumpy? Would you like to get your body back to shape with no sweat and tears at all? This article will introduce you to the Crazy Fit Massager power Plate. This health and fitness equipment gives you passive exercise to get your blood circulation moving hence facilitating the elimination of toxins from your body. This vibration machine guarantees you a sweat-free/tear-free exercise experience. All you have to do is to kick off your shoes, step on the machine and shed the fat away while you read a book or watch television.

The Crazy Fit vibration machine functions by transmitting a fast sequence of vibrations specifically designed to stimulate and activate the muscles of the body. This direct stimulation of the body muscles causes no oxidative stress as is the case with some other health and fitness machines. The contraction of muscles enhances blood circulation, muscle strength and stability. Here are the features that enable the efficient functioning of this machine.

Arm straps

This health and fitness machine comes with standard arm straps to enable you work out your flabby triceps and arms while standing without losing your balance. This guarantees you ultimate safety because before you begin exercising, you are securely strapped on to the machine.

2000 Watts Power

This vibration machine comes as a 2000 watts power plate with more than 50 levels of speed/intensity. This guarantees a strain free/smooth-vibration exercise experience not only on the heart but also on the joints. Therefore, the crazy fit massager power plate promotes metabolism, unwinds muscles, eliminates toxins and shapes the curve of the body.

MP3 Incorporation

The Crazy Fit 2000 watts machine also comes incorporated with MP3 and a jack. This enhances your exercise experience by giving you the freedom to listen to your favorite tracks while getting fit. You can also enjoy listening to that podcast or even receive a call while melting the fat out of your body.


  • Powerful vibration machine
  • Enhances the metabolism of the body
  • Suitable for weight loss
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Decreases stress levels
  • Reshaping the body and firming the skin tone
  • Muscle strengthening


  • This may not be an inexpensive vibration machine, but it’s worth it.


All in all, the Crazy Fit Massager Power Plate is an all-round fitness equipment that not only keeps your body healthy but also makes the toning and slimming process enjoyable. It is the most reliable scientifically proven method of body reshaping and muscle toning. This machine supports users weight up to 330 pounds and comes with uncountable health and fitness benefits. Spending ten minutes on this machine is equivalent to working out for an hour at the gym.