Vibration Machine Reviews: Clevr Black Mini Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Thin Platform Massage Machine

As we are looking for an exercise and training vibration machine, we all want a machine, which is easy, comfortable exiting to use. Our preference is a machine that will help us gain muscles, lose weight, strengthen out joints and bones, and keep the general body fitness easily. This is exactly what is provided to you by the Clevr Black Mini Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Thin Platform Massage Machine.

Features and specifications 

  • Comes with a powerful 200w motor
  • Has a 30 speed level adjustment, which you can control by a remote
  • It’s a powerful mini exerciser with 3600 RPM motor to deliver a perfect full body workout in minutes
  • Supports users up to 265 pounds
  • Low profile design, perfect for step exercises
  • It has the best results in burning fats, improving circulation, reducing stress and anxiety, and harnessing the tones muscles

How to use 

Without exception, this vibration machine works perfectly with all the muscle groups. It has great capacity to restore the lost motor functionality because of the sedentary lifestyle. You should undertake 10-minute workouts, in order to optimize the muscles. This should be three times a week. In case you want to build your muscles, then you can use the crazy fit platform. This can be in conjunction with the weight machines.

Health impact 

The machine has a great positive impact on your health. Within a short period, it will cleanse the toxins and lactic acid in the body. This will help in relieving the fatigue, stress and improve your digestions. Additionally, it will help in the body weight loss, and contribute highly to slow the aging process. In addition to preventing various diseases, it is the best machine for relieving problems in the digestive, musculoskeletal, nervous, and cardiovascular systems.


  • Easy to use and no instructions needed
  • Very portable and beneficial if you have limited space
  • It has 200w motor with 3600 RPM motor, perfectly powerful for the full-body workouts


  • Muscle soreness for the first time use
  • It is sometimes difficult to point the remote towards the machines power setting area


In summary, the Clevr Black Mini Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Thin Platform Massage Machine provides several benefits, without demanding too much input or too much space from the user. Counting these benefits, plus the fact that you only need to use it for a few hours within the week, you have no reason of not taking a complete workout in. In case you are looking for a perfect and quality vibration machine, this can be a great option.